Monday, April 24, 2006


Played in my first DADI event. It was being held in conjunction with the weekly WWdN and WPBT POY. A battle royal of poker blogging events. 77 people came to take a chance to win a $1500 seat at the WSOP. Plus, there were some other prizes involved as well. Big thanks for TripJax and Jordan for getting this together.

A battle royal would best describe my first table. The venerable Dr. Pauly was on my right but he was busy working at the Bellagio. If you are not reading Pauly's reports, then you are wastig time on the net. Pauly has gotten even better after his brief hiatus. Poker as never reported before. But back to the table. WillWonka was to my left, followed by SlimeFace, yosoyveneno, LaParka, and RandomSam. I have played with each of them, except for LaParka before. I knew I was going to have to be good to survive. This is one tough table to start at.

Soon Garthmeister and Iggy would show as well. It wouldn't get any easier.

I basically kept folding a lot of hands. Tried to see some cheap flops (had deep stacks of 3000 instead of 1500) so I could play a tad loose but not

Scored my first knockout when I called a raise from the big blind with 3 3 and promptly flopped a set. Garthmeister had outs as he showed the K Q. The diamonds on the board gave me a chance for the flush. Luckily for me, he didn't his his outs and I moved up nicely, knocking him out.

I would get lucky again when A 9 flops two pair. But the 10 on the board had me worried about A 10. I bet the flop and was quickly raised. Confident he just had a high ace. Made most of my move on the turn betting just under the pot. Slimeface raised to 2000. I felt my two pair was good. I raised it back to 3000. All the money was in on the river. My read was right. His A K was no good.

I was at over 10k now and in first. But too many players are still in. Time for me to really mix my game up. I am able to drop the Hammer but that was really about it. The cards I was getting were ugly. Anything decent had me out of position. So instead of being loose, wild, and free, I sat back looking for spots to hit. I hit the first break just over the 10k mark and in second place.

After the break, those pocket 3s would visit again and win me a nice pot. With 1 raiser and 3 callers ( I called from the SB ), it somehow checked around on a K high flop. The 3 on the turn had me betting the pot, hoping to make it look like I was buying it. Instead, I was taking down 1200.

I knocked out Pauly by busting his Hilton Sisters. From the BB I was dealt A K. With Pauly busy blogging the WPT event, I figured he may have been just trying to make a move. I re-raised his bet from 600 to 2000. Thus I was a bit shocked when he re-raised me all in. Uh oh, he had a hand. I called the remaining amount and was glad to see an A hit right away. Lucky for me, no Q or running clubs and I had eliminated Dr. Pauly. Somehow I have a feeling I was getting booed in the Fontana room.

That also could be why I then tried to make a move on Bobby Bracelet next. With K Js, I raised from early position and then called his all in bet for just 1100 more. He had me dominated when he showed A J. Even more so when he flopped an A. I tried. I would tangle with Bob again in a losing manner. Maybe I will think twice next time.

I steal some blinds here and there and work on defending my own. I get lucky when I call a 3x bet with A 7. A flop of Q A 10 looks good. I doubt he raised with K J. I bet it out and get called. On the turn I decide to push. I feel he may have a better ace. He claimed to have K K so I didn't get paid.

I then waste K K when no one raises or limps with me in the SB. So I then steal with K J the next hand. A couple hands later I still can't get any action with A K. I then get complacent and try with A 4o but fold to a re-raise. Time to tighten up again. I feel like I have been card dead for the last 30 minutes. At the second break, I am in 5th with 11500. Very little improvement in the second session. Pitiful in fact.

I would soon take my first bad beat of the tournament. With K K, I raised it to 800 (100/200 25) and have one caller. On a 10 high flop, I bet the pot. My opponent calls. The turn is an A, the one card I don't want to see. So I try to act like I have A K and push. He calls with A J. WTF? You call a pot sized bet with just overcards? Of course, no K and I am hurt. And totally pissed off. I just about tilt my remaining chips to Iggy on the next hand but suck out a straight on the river. But he didn't pay me.

Even an orbit after the hand, I am still steaming. Just wrong. I need another Maker's and ginger and then maybe I will relax. Work may suck tomorrow at this pace. Should I have pushed with the kinds to protect my hand?

I then watch another call of a pot sized bet where someone just have overcards. I just don't see that as being smart. In this case he did have a huge stack but not the best play I would think. Yeah, still on tilt. I do get some blinds with A 10 and A Q so that helps a bit. Then I get to keep my BB and the antes. Weeeeeee!

I then start to steal more. Any suited ace looks good. Hopefully I can change my image from tight to loose and then hit the jackpot. Heck, I even raise with the hand I hate most- Q 10. I also learn that you cannot type in kung fu on PokerStars. The fu is no good and will be blocked out. Very interesting.

I steal the blinds with A K and then defend with A 10. One limper in EP so I pushed not wanting to see a flop. Just trying to get my chips back. I then go on further tilt when I see my chips go across the board when the guy who busted my kings calls an all in bet with 3 3. WTF??? Made little sense to me, but what do I know.

I then had my first table change. There was Gracie, Drizz and Katitude. Apologies to those that I do not know of your blogs. I make a quick steal here. I like that move. Stealing blinds on the first hand you get dealt at a new table.

At the third break, I am handing by a thread. In last place with just under 5K. What a freefall. But I have hope. I just need to double up 5 times. That is all.

But that doesn't happen. From the button, I push with K J. Drizz calls with A 9 suited. No help for either of us and his ace high is more than good. Done in 12th. Not quite what I was hoping for. Oh well, always the next one.


TripJax said...

Thanks for playing were smoking it for a while there...hate to see you missed final table action.

HighOnPoker said...

I guess I'm late, but thanks for playing in the DADI and the great writeup. Hopefully I'll see you at the WPBT Stud event.