Friday, April 07, 2006

Slapped back down

I tried to move up to the 5/10 game. After a couple of sessions with results that were not favorable, I backed down. I took some big beats, made some overly aggressive plays and flat out didn't do well. I found myself losing a big pot early and having to work to make up the losses. I was playing from behind too many times.

I will go back once I get my game in order. I need to move some money to take on the game properly. I am confident I can do well. I just need to be in the right frame of mind.

I have also dabbled a little into NL ring as well. This is definately my weakest area, yet the area that is so profitable right now. I have read many a trip report that tells of the soft tables in Vegas. A little online play can only help to make that transition to live come July. The way I see it, I can afford to lose a buy in or two, but I rather be ready for the game.

Some WPBT POY coming up soon. Check out Easy Cure's Hammer out Cancer Tournament on Full Tilt. That is on April 16. Come play for a great cause. If I make the final table, I will donate half of whatever I win. So feel free to dump some chips to me. :)

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Easycure said...

You'll kill 5/10 in a few short months. You are talking about nickel/dime, not dollars, right?

Thanks for the press. It's appreciated.