Friday, April 21, 2006

Smokin again

Off to another smoker tonight. I earned a freeroll into this one so what I cash will be nice. Hopefully the guys will remember they promised me the free entry. I have it confirmed by email but I wasn't able to get it printed. I don't anticipate it being a problem.

I am looking forward to playing aggressively tonight. The crowd that plays is below average in skill. The majority of the guys show up again and again and have little understanding of basic strategy. Play tight early and push your big hands hard.

If I make the final table, I hope to be super aggressive. The last two times I have been card dead so I am begging for a change. I know I can run over a final table with just good hands, not even great.

If I do bust out, hopefully there will be some hockey on. I wonder if the SpaceMan would like to put a little wager on who last longer, my team or his.

1 comment:

JasonSpaceman said...

With both of them down 2-1 by the time I read this, a wager is probably kinda pointless. :-)