Monday, May 01, 2006

7 card folding game

The Stud game was interesting last night. I played well, but with stud not being my game, I ended up in 15th. Congrats to SoxLover for reeling in a victory. This coming after I made a comment that New Yorkers had no clue on how to play stud since Pauly, Derek, and the Rooster had just busted out in the low 30s. Of course, they have probably forgotten more about stud than I learned from reading the book yesterday morning.

I had every intention to be the tightest player in the game. It was easy to do early when I was watching the Sopranos. I folded like a champ. I was getting crap cards so it wasn't too hard to do. Nothing was high or connected or suited. Then I caught some hands and chipped up a bit. I catch my first big hand, the Anti Christ 6 6 6. It would fill to a full house and I would suddenly be on top.

I then loosened up a bit and stole a couple of pots. Then my hands didn't complete and I fell back a bit. Stakes had risen nicely so I knew I had to really make a move if I was going to have a chance to make the final table. I thought it came when I had two kinds. Early position raised, and then there was re-raise. I raised again to isolate what appeared to be a pair of queens. But EP came along for two more bets. 4th street didn't appear to improve any of us and I bet it out again. But on 5th, EP suddenly bet out. I had a feeling that I was now behind to 3 of a kind. I should have folded but instead decided to jam. A fold would leave me with just over 1000. Betting was at 200/400 and the pot already had over 4k in it. Sure enough, EP had stayed in to 5th just to get lucky. I didn't get a 3rd king and was done.

I was somewhat disappointed. I should have stopped when I knew I was behind. I don't think his play with the 9s was that great either. He put in a lot of chips to try and hit his 2 outer.

I still am proud that I reside on the top of the WPBT POY board. Staying on top is not going to be easy, especially with just 4 months down, 8 to go. All I can do is continue to give it my best. If I end up on top, it will be a great honor and accomplishment. If not, I know I made a good showing. There are a lot of cards yet to be dealt. And I intend to get my fair share of those cards.


Lifesagrind said...

Those were my nines. I would agree that if that's what I was chasing, it would have been bad. I had both str8 and flush draws as well. As it turns out I hit the two outer instead of the many others I had.

StB said...

I don't recall the straight or flush draws. Now my thoughts looks totally stupid. Can't blame you for calling down in that case.

Thanks for pointing that out. I still should have had the sense to drop the hand when I felt I was behind.

Chilly said...

Are you going to LV in July?

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

what the fuck is your email? it doesn't link on here...pfft...fix your html

Drizztdj said...

I also received 6 6 6 even with Jason "Spaceman" at the table!

But someone managed quad 10s at the same time :P

StB said...

Chilly, I will be in Vegas in July.

Rooster, thanks for letting me know about the bad link. It has been fixed.

Drizz, that is sweet. Until you got beat.