Monday, May 22, 2006

Twice the pain

What can I say about the Gemini tournament last night? Hmm... interesting idea, but overall I didn't care for it. I give Biggestron credit for being creative but this was not a realistic tournament idea. I hope this isn't attempted again.

If a tournament cannot be held in the same format live, then it shouldn't be done. Yes, we mostly play internet poker but the way this tournament was set up, it took away one major skill set needed to play successful tournament poker. Focus. With two tables going, it was hard to stay focused on what was happening at what table. Many times you were prompted to act at the same time. For me, this lead to wasting time banks on one table as I made a decision on the other.

It also took me out of the flow at one table. People would fold around and before you know it, it was time to act again. But you didn't see what was happening because of the play at your other table. I think there were some great stealing opportunities lost because of this.

I also didn't care for starting with the same players at both tables. That took some strategy out of it. Once the table changes started, it got better, though it was fun trying to pull off the same move on the same person at two different tables.

The tilt factor was interesting. If you got a beat at one table, it could affect you at the other. I went out 20 in one, 10 in the other. I took a bad card at the river, double pairing the board and making my opponent's A kicker come into play (I had 6 6, he A J, board ended up with Ks and 7s). That had an effect at first at the other table where I was in a good spot. I can't complain because I did crack SoxLover's A A, and later someone's K K.

Patience, discipline, and focus are key for doing well in these tourneys. Take one out of the mix and it becomes more of a crapshoot.

Just my opinion. I would rather stick to current formats instead of creating them.


peacecorn said...

Agreed. 100%. Initially, I didn't care for the idea at all, then I enjoyed it for the first three hands and subsequently lost focus. Between being unable to win a race and making some hasty and thoughtless decisions because I couldn't pay attention, I was out very early in both tourneys.

See you in the next one!

JasonSpaceman said...

I find myself on the other side of the fence - very much enjoying the two-table concept. It'll never be part of the WSOP, obviously, but I thought it was an interesting way to incorporate online-only play into a tournament format.

I took advantage of the stealing opportunities whenever I had the chance because I knew my opponents probably weren't going to play back at me w/o a monster b/c they were focusing on two tables at once. In fact, I'm almost positive that's the only reason I was in a position to win.

Way to stay on top of the leaderboard - just remember, I can charge forward from my spot so you'd better beware.

Drizztdj said...

One bustout did cause my second one. I'll admit that.

But I usually play 3-4 tourneys at a time anyway.

StB said...

I will do my best to hold off any charge from below!

I don't see how anyone can do two tourneys at once. I don't have the skills for that.