Saturday, May 20, 2006

Freerolling once again

Absolute Poker hosted the Poker Source Online blogger free roll. Only 118 showed up. The site said they had 460 registered. Maybe next time they will not have it on a Saturday night

I was taking it easy to begin with. In the first hand, I was pretty sure I had the best hand from the blinds with 7 4 and a flop of 2 2 4. But with the min-raise in mid position and the overbet on the flop, I decided not to go to battle on the first hand. Why bother?

An interesting thing happened about 10 minutes into the tournament. All the no shows were removed. Just like that 40 people were gone. I don't know if I like that or not. It prevents people was collecting chips on dead players but if you were just running late you got screwed.

They also posted the payouts. 27 places would pay with first place paying $540. Not bad.

I could check all of this out and more because I folded for the next 15 minutes. Man, what crappy cards! I steal a hand or two. This is getting boring. To lighten things up, I suggest to the table that we get everyone to chop the prize pool and head out for beers. That would be interesting if somehow we could get the entire tourney to agree to a big distribution of the prize money.

If I wasn't able to go on a nice rush of stealing blinds, I would be below the starting stack. And bored. The Absolute software isn't the best. Feels slow and clunky. Don't care for it. Or the cards I am getting.

I finally hit a big pot. Note I said big pot, not a big hand. With A Q clubs, I raise to 350. BB calls. Flop comes out with 2 clubs. The BB bets out. With just 1200 behind and the pot at 1050, I push. He calls and shows the J 10 of clubs. No J or 10 hits and I suddenly double up. I was shocked by this. Not the call but to suddenly bump up after hardly playing is a nice surprise.

I go back into my folding game for a while. Then 9 9 comes along. I bump it up to 400. Only problem is the SB goes all in. I don't feel like gambling here and fold. A raise of 2000 here seems fishy. Of course I don't get any action when I get K K a couple of hands later.

I finished in 35th when I made a bad read. I tried to limp with A 4s. The button raised and I called. Flop came 5 Q Q. I called his min bet. I put him on A K right away. The turn was a 4. I check-raised him all in. He insta called with A Q. Oops. Wrong read.

Oh well. I didn't play bad for what I got dealt. One bad read sent me to the rail. This tourney was easy money. Then again, I guess not if I didn't get any.

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