Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another 8

Finished 8th in the WWdN tourney tonight. GRob did a good job of pushing the table around at the end. He is my hero.

Not unhappy with the way I played. It just rough when I stopped hitting flops and my bets were raised. Felt like any respect or image I had was suddenly gone. Like they were looking at my cards.

8 isn't bad especially considering I got knocked around again in the Full Tilt token tournies. For the life of me I cannot win one of those things again. I get in with the best hand just to lose. Frustrating. But it has to be temporary. I hope.

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drewspop said...

Nice job in the WWdN. Those fricking token SNGs drive me nuts. I know I am a donk but it took me like 8 tries to get a token.

Very nice bankroll management there eh?