Saturday, May 13, 2006


Haven't been playing much lately. So with it all rainy and cold outside, I figured it would be a good day to waste away on this game.

I cleared the PokerStars bonus thanks to their double points giveaway. At the same time I noticed an email from Titan giving me a whole $10. Curious as to whether I still had some cash over there, I logged in to see I did have just under $25. So to get my game back in shape, I hopped into a $5 MTT that was about to start. I had been avoiding the low buy in tournies because of the donkey play but felt I need to get my feet back under me after the absence.

I was hitting some flops pretty well early. Like first hand when I see a set of 8s. I pushed when the first guy bet the pot. Quick and easy double especially when I see guy had top pair only. But he didn't disappear. I forgot that most of the Titan tournies are rebuys. Damn!

I don't care for rebuy tournaments too much. Play is usually erratic and one bad beat can really tilt you. But then I thought of Speaker's posts on the Paradise rebuy and figured he may be right about taking advantage of the donktastic play. So leaned back and got into rock mode.

By the first break, I had only double up to over 2k so I too the add on. My investment was $10.50 of Titan's money. I would need to get to 30 to win $23.70. Not quite life changing.

One other aspects of rebuys that I find intriguing is the people who can shift their games once the rebuy period is over. Some still are terrible while you can see the shift to playing poker in others. I stuck to my the tight image I was trying to portray but started to steal more. Thankfully no one called me down with my K 9o.

Before I knew it we hit the second break and people were falling like rocks. Then we hit the money and more people dropped like flies. Blinds were going up every 10 minutes. With people taking too much time to fold, there was barely an orbit of play before blinds went up again. It became push poker. You could barely get above an M of 5.

I kept hitting the all in button like a slot player in their tournaments. Made the final table too. Went out in 8th when A K ran into A A. Oh well. Earned a $94.80 prize for my efforts. Only problem is that I now need to play on Titan to clear the money for withdrawal. Not quite sure how many hands I have to play either.

Funny how a cash can force me to play more at a site I had deserted.

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TenMile said...

The Titan knew, didn't they? Heh.