Monday, May 08, 2006


If I wasn't in such an alcoholic daze through the weekend, I would have posted the interview I did with Biggestron. So without further delay, here it is. I will take my 15 minutes of internet fame. It comes with a six pack so that is good.

Otherwise I haven't played much poker lately. The real world is exerting pressure on me. Some shit hit the fan over the weekend. Thankfully nothing too serious but some matters that need to be dealt with.

When I have found a chance to get some time in, I have been struggling. I took a small whooping at 5/10 so I dropped back again. I continue to play a bit of NL ring but not much to make a difference. Even the number of tournaments I have been in has fallen off. Like most of the time, I have no focus on what to play.

Let's hope I can get lucky somewhere and make a nice score.

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