Thursday, May 04, 2006

What is worse?

I haven't been playing all that much poker lately. It is nicer outside and other things have needed a tending too. I am not hooked on poker; I immensely enjoy playing it. I have noticed that right now I am not missing it much. Maybe cuz I am not making any money playing. Nor am I losing. Status quo. Except for the Peep tournies where I cannot earn a chip to save my life lately. That is frustrating.

I pose this question to all. After reading Joe Speaker talk about how he had a group of morons at his table to open a MTT on Full Tilt, I wondered what was worse....

1. Having a group of morons at your table and you are card dead. You watch people pushing with J 3o or 4 4 from early position; extremely non-sensical moves. You are begging to get a high pair or any group A hand just so you can take advantage of the situation and chip up early. Alas, those cards only come after the table dramatically tightens up.


2. On the first hand, you are dealt A A. MP pushes (yes, he puts all 1500 in) with 3 3 or A Jo. He proceeds to hit his 3, a straight or runner runner Js to knock you out.

Which is worse...not getting a hand to beat the moron with or having the moron crack your aces?

Both painfully brutal in their own way.


Joe Speaker said...

out of those two, having AA cracked on the first hand by J3o is worse. Even if I'm card dead forever and get frustrated, at least I get a little play for my buy-in, unlike in the other situation.

But the WORST of all is being card dead for a substnatial portion of the tournament, finally getting QQ and running into AA. There are several bodies buried in nearby fields because of that occurance.

Bloody P said...

I'm going with #2, as well. Aces cracked by an underpair on the first hand basically takes your junk and throws it in a woodchipper.

iamhoff said...

#2 is definitely worse. With #1, you at least get to look at two new cards every 30 to 90 seconds, so there's always going to be that small flicker of hope that maybe you'll find two live cards in front of you. When your aces get cracked by a fish-tard and his J3o, that leads to (as Speaker said) bodies buried in the adjacent fields. Joe, if that's a problem, maybe the G35 wasn't the right vehicle...should've got the F-150 or something more "cargo" friendly.

vegaas said...

At first I thought #2. But the more I think about it, I think #1. At least with #2 its a quick death. With #1, its a slow torture that eventually will probably end badly, as it seems to have happened with Joe. Its basically asking, would rather be shot in head, or have all your teeth pulled out one at time, with no anesteshia and then be shot in the head.