Monday, August 07, 2006

Chipping up

I didn't play that much poker this weekend. When I did though, I made it worth the while. It was close to a perfect weekend.

Made just a bit of money playing Omaha, made some more playing limit Hold Em, went 2 for 3 on the Full Tilt Peep SnGs, and came close to winning a spot in the FTOPS main event. The one with the $500 entry.

I came in 3rd in that tournament. First and second received entries (only 18 runners, one reason why I jumped into this). I got $34 for my $75 entry. I did use a token earned by climbing the ladder so in reality my $6 turned into $34.

I intend to play more of those qualifying events. However, the next time I won't make a stupid call. I finished 3rd because I called an all in with A 5. My opponent was pushing again and again. Whenever he was called, he had a crap hand. Problem was those crap hands kept hitting. Thus when he pushed for the umpteenth time, I expected to see Q 7 off again. Close but it was A Q off. I know it was a bad call on a bad read. I could have held off for a longer time but I also wanted a beer.

As always, go read Pauly at the Tao of Poker. Some of the best reporting from the WSOP that you will find. The boys at PokerStars are kicking ass too. And don't forget the PokerBlog crew.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Young Jedi...must wait for good hands.