Thursday, August 31, 2006

My lucky charm?

When you are in a slump, you will try anything to change your luck and regain your senses and skills. Get a new rabbit's foot. Shine up a lucky penny. Get a troll doll. Knowing the Bash Charity tournament was tonight, I needed some libations to make it through the night. I saw exactly what I needed when I walked in the door. This could be my slump buster.
This may give me the advantage I need to get over the hump. Let's see how it works. If my lucky charms don't work, I may take a sabbatical. See you at Full Tilt Poker!

I figured I would play extra aggressive to start out. Maybe that could get out of my slump that way. Twice I would raise it up with A 10 off and take down a pot with a continuation bet. Except for having two blinds folded to me, I wouldn't take down another pot for a while.

I then get the Hammer and play it. UTG limps. I raise to 165 (from 40). He calls. Flop comes J 10 Q. Not good. I fire and he calls. Turn is a little diamond. I fire and he calls. River is the K of diamonds. I am screwed and check see he had called with 9 7 of diamonds. Calling the bets after the flop I understand, but preflop?

I am shorstacked and on tilt. My lucky charm is not working. But I get lucky and double up with... A 10! I get tempted to try and run the Hammer again when it shows up but decide not to. The guy on my left is extremely loose and playing any two cards and hitting. Can't wait to double through on him again.

Sidenote: I wonder if anyone realizes I am doing this live. I could be giving some info away. Not like it would matter with how I have been running.

I get just a tad more chips at BG's expense when my K Q held up on a scary board. I thought I was going to lose to a flush or straight.

I soon get A 10 again. Seeing how this is the one hand that works for me, I potted it. I probably shouldn't have since the loose dude on my right had limped in and I know he is calling. Flop comes 7 7 8. Not bad, but suddenly he bets out. WTF? Not the way he had been playing. I quickly fold and cuss a bit. I would love a table change. Next time, I don't pot it.

I then have the Hilton Sisters show at my door. Maudie had raised in early position. Loose boy called and I pushed all in. When Maudie instantly called, I knew I was in trouble. When the Kings were shown, I sighed and then fell back in the chair when a K showed in the door. Oh well. That's the way it goes.