Friday, August 25, 2006

Poker got in the way of my drinking- well kinda of

It was a slow night. The Brewers game was not on TV so I knew my time at the bar would not be what I had hoped for. The Eagles/Steelers game was boring. I thought the best result for the night was to hit the Full Tilt guarantee toureny at 9. I could get a good buzz on, hit the liquor store for some reinforcement to the beer in my fridge (which was low at 3) and still hit the tourney with plenty of time to spare.

Yep. The best of plans mislaid.

As I was hoping to get a za to go before stopping at the liquor store, someone buys me another beer. At first I shrugged it off, but considering who it was, I knew it would be disrespectul to deny them. So I had another.

I would then keep looking at my watch seeing if I could down another 32 ounces of beer and still hit the tournament. No, I did down all 32 ounces. Only 20. I really wanted to play.

But then I started talking to the bartender's parents. Great people. But they were killing my time. I was polite. I didn't rush them, but as soon as I saw my out, I took it.

Got home just in time. Yes!

Didn't too much at first. Got a bit bold by raising UTG with A Js. Made a call to a raise with 2 2 that did not hit. But got it back by calling the min-raise with K 10 in the small blind. The K high flop was good enough to take down the pot when my opponent showed the Hiltons. Min raise with the Hiltons and a short stack? You deserve to go home!

I fold a bit more which is good because I can tap what little I have. The Leinie Sunset Wheat tastes great. But as I get back, I get my first table change. I feel like I just got relegated to the kiddie table. These people are tight!

So I figure to steal a bit. That is when I notice Aquaverse at the table. I then see SLB is chatting too. I add in some comments about bloggers and Hoy just to get their attention. Hey, if I don't get cards, I can have some fun.

Then I get A A and raise it 4xs from EP. No action. Damn. Next hand I get 10 10 and make the same move. A short stack makes the call with crap. A nice 10 on the flop makes me happy for a bit, but then I notice the spades and his 7. Bastard better not hit. He doesn't and I am happy.
Back to trying to tilt Aquaverse if I can.

I try to steal some pots with varied luck. Aqua gets busted when he moved all in with A K vs A 10. Some dude called his all in bet with A 10. Ouch when the 10 hits the flop. Ugly.

I could kill for some pizza right now. But I will forge ahead and drink my beer and wait for the break. If I can add to my stack, that would be nice. Instead I make a loose call with K Q on a raise. Though I have overcards, I don't feel it worthwhile to call the continuation bet.

Though aggresso boy is making attractive to call his raises, I just can't with Q 10s. I hate that hand. Call it the Varkoni factor.

I make a decent move with TPshitty kicker when I decide to re-raise an EP bet. Something told me he wasn't strong. Good pot comes my way. I then change my avatar to the 'angry' mode. I wonder if that actually influences people on your mood. As much as I want to think people are not that gullible, I know that I am most likely wrong.

Sidenote that means nothing: I wonder if Pauly has Smokey Mountain Rain on his Ipod.

At the break, I am sitting at with 2520 in chips. Not quite where I would like to be but hey, I am still in it. Actually, I am thinking about why my cleaning lady took the bottle out of the case and threw those away, but not the case they were in. That and the sadness that I have only one beer left. At the first break, I sit at 284 out of 482. Just about 10k behind the leader.

There is only one stack that is twice the size of the table average when we start the second round. I look to steal as many pots as I can here. Unfortunately, the runners to my right may be thinking the same way. This could get confrontational quickly.

And it does. Well, kind of. I am sitting in the BB with J J. Yep, those pussies that are Jacks. There is a raise from the cutoff that is called by the button. SB folds. How much to push those jokers out? I think pot, but that doesn't seem right. I pop it to 1800 (from 420) and they fold. I am glad they cannot hear me exhale as loudly as I do. I doubt those Jacks hold up well on a flop.

Then I have a total brain fart. With A Qs, I make a pot raise. I then get re-raised. I decided to move all in. I don't know. It was a totally moronic play. I see the K K and there is no A. I am pretty much screwed. Nice job dumbfuck!

J J in the BB doubles me up. Is there hope? Still pissed I made a totally dumb move.

But a round later I would go out in 390. I am quite pissed that I fucked this one up. I had the intention to play the long haul and made an idiotic move. Ugh! WTF was I thinking?


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yo StB. This explains why I got a call late last night from Aqua, telling me about some dude named "NightRanger" on full tilt who claims to know him, me, slb and some other blogger types. I toyed with Aqua myself for a little bit (claiming "nightranger" was his ex-girlfriend, then a friend of our mom's from 30 years ago, etc.) before telling him your true pokerstars identity. He thought it was pretty funny.

Sorry how that tourney ended for you. Can't advocate pushing to the reraise with the AQ either, but hey it's not like I haven't done that and lost a thousand different times because of some read I fabricated just because I wanted to push there.

StB said...


Yeah, I really screwed that up. Easy lay down.