Tuesday, August 01, 2006

That little Blue Book

I received my free copy of Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book in the mail yesterday. I look forward to reading it. Thanks again to Phil for allowing us bloggers to sign up for a free copy.

I have considered getting the Little Green Book before and after reading the blue one, will know for sure.

Still hacking away at 2/4 O8. Results have been mixed. Win some, lose some, but I am winning a bit more than losing. So far it has been a fun, learning experience. As it should be, I usually have more questions once I finish a session.

One thing I have noticed is some players playing Omaha Hi hands pretty strong. I can see how they could limp in in late position with a hand like that but they are usually raising from an early position with them. Is it a half bluff, trying to indicate a hand like AA2x? Or is it a smart thing to do?

I will have to figure that one out. But in due time. I know that I can't jump too far ahead after playing maybe 500 hands.


Drizztdj said...

As you move upwards in limits, more players play the "Omaha Hi" hands a lot harder since the low always "has to get there" whereas the high hand will always get paid.

I didn't see this pattern until Felicia pointed it out to me, and after watching some of the higher stakes games.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I was playing in the 5-10 O8 game and noticed something...there are a lot of fish there.

Also, Phils book is a good read esp. for someone like me that doesn't play no-limit...but getting into it. Didn't read the back end because that's all tournament stuff.