Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I continued my quest for Omaha understanding tonight. Over the course of this journey, there has been one thing that has amazed me- how people do not read the board and figure out what their opponents have. Many times I have folded hands because I could place my opponent on a superior hand (not always the correct move I learned at showdown). It seemed many people do not read the board to see the straight possibilities or full houses that seem obvious from the betting pattern.

Well tonight, I was one of those people. I played like total shit. Twice I paid off a guy who had a wheel on the flop or turn. Twice I failed to see the A high straight. I also paid off full houses.

In other words, I played like a total donkey. An Omatard if you will.

It was one of those night where I could be double suited and see one of the other two suits flop. It sucks to not only play poorly, but to not hit any of your draws. I think the smartest thing I did was leave the table.

I took a hit on the bankroll, but not in the enthusiasm. Just another step in learning a new game. I look forward to trying again tomorrow.


MVilla888 said...

Free copy of Phil's did I miss that opportunity...can you point me to the link to sign up for the free copy?

StB said...

Sorry but there is no link. You needed to give his agent some info just before the tourney in Vegas.