Thursday, August 31, 2006

I keep on givin'

I will be playing tonight in the Gavin Smith Charity Satellite. I already told you yesterday I am dead money so you have one less person to worry about. If you are one of the lucky 8, you may be at the first table with me and I may just donk off my chips to you in a most ignominious fashion. Even if you are not going to the Bash, you can still play. Hell, if you win, you can give me the seat and I can look like a fool in front of some pros. That must be good for a laugh or ten. The money you donate will still go to some good causes. So head over to Full Tilt and sign up already!

Banner courtesy of TripJax. Can't say I am a huge Clonie fan but she does look smokin' in the picture.

Speakin' of words with dropped off "g"s and apostrophes, go read Dr. Pauly's latest edition of Truckin'. Always some good readin' there.