Monday, August 21, 2006

Hit the iron while it is hot

Those PStars HORSE games are so juicy right now. I feel like taking a day off of work to play.

Do most of these people even know what they are doing? Like others, I do not claim to be an expert card player. I am competent in these games. But when I see people showing 3 face cards in Razz and calling down, hoping to fill their 8 or 9, I have to chuckle.

Whenever I did play poker this weekend, I found myself playing some hold em and Omaha 8 on Absolute, with the PokerStars HORSE game in the background. Even when I got stuck, I knew that is would just be a matter of time before I would take down some good size pots to not only get even, but ahead.

All of the games, stud is probably my weak spot. I am overly tight and usually passive. Until I get a monster and then I bet like crazy. I should be easy to read. Funny though how I made most of my money in the stud rounds. That should tell you how poorly these games are being played.

Hit the iron while it is hot people.


Grinditout said...

I love me some HORSE also. Oh, and guess who was playing NL at Potawatomi last night. BILL FREAKING HALL!! Mike Rivera was playing with him also but damn was that cool to see him there. And on his mini-bobble head day!!

StB said...

The real question is, was he any good?