Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Big Game ends a good weekend

I scrapped the notes I had for the Big Game. It was an uninspired performance. Ran thin on paitence and forced some action when I got low on chips. Cards weren't that great and I wanted some action. Congrats to the winner, whoever that ended up being. Who is this Fischman dude anyways?

Overall my weekend was pretty good. A combination of doing very well at the PLO8 tables and getting deep in some tournaments made me quite happy. I have gotten myself close to being unburied in that 4 card game. One bad night hurt but this weekend helped clear it away. It was a mix of watching some real donks play and grabbing a chunk of their cash when given the opportunity. When you know they will push hard on two pair or low draws, the flopped sets pay off.

Plus it helps when you make someone your personal bitch at the table. I took a lot of one guy in particular when I caught full houses on the turn and river, beating his slow played flushes. This happened twice within 4 hands and just pissed him off.

Now if only I hadn't split 3 pots with another jackass, I would have had a great weekend.

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