Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mad at myself

It was a rough weekend at the tables. It began on Friday night when I came home pissed up and lost a quarter of my bankroll. Playing drunk is not a good idea. I should know better.

But I did it anyways. Just plain dumb.

Saturday saw me slogging away again just to see my profit slide across to an opponent when he flopped quad jacks making my boat insignificant. Nothing you can do there. That didn't piss me off.

This did though. Some clown chasing his low catches runner runner flush to beat my flopped set. It wasn't even a nut flush or nut low and he kept callng my pot bets. Yeah, that one pissed me off.

Sunday and last night were better. Small profit. I will take it.

Ever wonder why poker bloggers end up gathering around bars? It is all to stay healthy. From the New York Times:

Prevention: At Middle Age, Add Alcohol to the Diet?
Several recent studies have found that moderate drinking is associated with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. Now a new study, published in the March
issue of The American Journal of Medicine, suggests that teetotalers who begin
having a drink or two a day in middle age may also get significant benefit.

Adopting Moderate Alcohol Consumption in Middle Age: Subsequent
Cardiovascular Events (The American Journal of Medicine)The researchers followed
7,697 healthy men and women ages 45 to 64 enrolled in a large study of
atherosclerotic illness, focusing on 442 who were nondrinkers at the start of
the study but moderate drinkers at the six-year point. Then they tracked this
group for cardiovascular disease over the next four years and compared them with
people who continued to abstain.

After controlling for age, physical activity, smoking and other cardiovascular risks, they found that new moderate drinkers were 38 percent less likely than abstainers to suffer a cardiovascular event during the four-year period. On average, they also had lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, and there was no increase in mortality.

So, should middle-aged nondrinkers start imbibing?

“If there’s a benefit to it, I’m not sure it should be restricted to people who just didn’t happen to start yet,” said the lead author, Dr. Dana E. King, professor of family medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. “Exercise is good for you, but you have to be cautious if you start in middle age. In the same way, moderate
alcohol consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have
contraindications to it.”

All in the name of preventive medicine. Yeah, that's it.

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