Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clique Clique Boom

It appears some people may be reading a bit too much into the Circles of Poker Blogging Hell. As I mentioned to Peaker in the comments, no one should read too much into this. It is my observation. My thoughts. If you think you fall into a particular circle, that is your demon to deal with.

This isn't about the first time you got together with bloggers in Vegas. It isn't about when you started your blog. It isn't about what circle you may be in. I see it as how people interact with each other. Whether they encourage or ridicule. Whether you offer positive or negative. Whether you can introduce yourself to others or find someone who you have enjoyed reading. It is working with each other to everything better.

The funny reaction has been the comments about cliques and the "inner circle". How do we say this...there is no inner circle. The term was used in reference to Dante's Circles of Hell. Nothing more nothing less. In order to have Circles of Hell, you need a starting point. An inner circle. Even that circle has its vices. They are not perfect.

You may think it means more. It doesn't. There are a lot of cliques in this community. You have the New York players, the G-Vegas players, the Vegas crowd, the Texas/Oklahoma people, Canada, the Upper Midwest, etc. You have the drinkers, the smokers, the gamblers, the tea-totallers, the poker players, the slot players, the baseball fans, football fans, soccer fans, MMA, etc. Metal, country, alt, whatever it is exactly Pauly listens to, etc. You have lawyers, software technicians, hardware techs, engineers, HR, investment professionals, doctors, writers, and on air television personalities.

You have one very diverse group of people. Just because some get together with others during other times of the year in places that just so happen to not be Vegas doesn't mean there is some "inner circle" that wields power. Sure, some people have some influence. But it doesn't mean there is a secret meeting held to determine who to invite to what and where. Sorry Bobby. If someone wants to invite friends- yes friends who happen to blog- to a special event that is their prerogative. Ever think that space may be limited? That in the interest of having a good time they realize that posting an event in a public space would mean too many people that they could not accommodate everyone that shows up?

You get what you give with this group. If that doesn't make sense, they you just don't get it.

Disagree still? Hey, you can do that. I will be in Vegas June 5-9. We can go over to the UFC facilities and settle it in the cage. Or to the closest bar and discuss over beers.


BWoP said...

Or we can just hug out it, while wearing pink Tony Romo jerseys.

I like that idea.

mrbossman said...

Just an observation-it's difficult to understand the point of all this if you keep contradicting yourself. There are cliques, then there aren't. There's an inner circle, then there isn't, etc. If the point of all this is to voice frustration about douche bags who act like babies in chat or whatever, why not say it to their face. People might actually change their behavior if they are told straight up. I doubt reading these last 3 posts is going to inspire change in anyone. It just makes it look like everyone has some sort of high-schoolish obsession with status.

StB said...

You misread bossman. There are a ton of cliques. There just isn't this one special better than everyone else clique that some people think there is. That clear it up?

BadBlood said...

I would like to be in the Octogon. My only stipulation is that I compete against those much smaller than me. Like Iggy. Or Joaquin. :)

Signed: Metal/G-Vegas clique founding member.

mrbossman said...

No, it doesn't clear it up. I can't believe you don't see how you're contradicting yourself. You say it's about "how people interact with each other" and here you are anointing some people "rockstars" and telling others that "you just don't get it." Is that manner of interacting with people "what it's all about?"

bayne_s said...

Is BWOP only wearing a pink Tony Romo jersey?

Dr. Pauly said...

If you don't know what kind of music I listen to, I invite you to check out my music blog that highlights an eclectic grouping of bands.

Uncle Bracelet said...

Maybe I'm wrong (And I never am) but this isn't about cliques or no cliques.

It's about looking at the poker blogging community with the concept of Dante's Circles of Hell as a road map.

Obviously most of us are (Sorry Joaquin) smart enough to understand that this truly isn't Dante's Inferno, but rather someone trying to take a look at an interesting topic in an interesting way.

The whole WPBT poker blogging community is constantly changing. It started as like minded people fucking around together and becoming friends. Now it's become more of a club or forum. Have a poker blog? Not a complete douchebag? Can you type the five letters you see here? Welcome aboard!

Gatherings, weekly tournaments, etc. It's great and all, but not everybody wants to take it that seriously. Hell, some probably wish it was more serious. There's nothing wrong with either of those sentiments. Everybody is different.

You can't fault someone for enjoying the large events but preferring the smaller ones.

I don't like the big events as much as smaller ones. That's just me. I'd rather do a Gentile Summit 8 times a year and do only 1 or 2 large scale Vegas gatherings. I like both, but I prefer things like they used to be. Small.

When my friends decide to get together for some baseball and drinking it happens off the blog because we talk off the blog. It isn't a blog-related activity. It's just friends and as it would happen, most have blogs.

So in the spirit of what it used to be like, friends get together and the results make it onto their personal blog. The night or two of debauchery gets a name because it's easier, and funnier, to write about it that way, and some poker blogger somewhere feels a bit slighted that they didn't get an invite. It appears to them as if there is a clique of bloggers they aren't considered a part of, which is crap.

It isn't a club. It isn't a secret. It's a friend telling another friend that he has 8 tickets to a baseball game and why don't we round up a few others and hit a boxing machine. It was fun so it happens again the next year.

Most of you wouldn't be picking me or Stb, or most anyone else in the "community" to fill your 8th seat at your local ballpark. That's cool. No harm. It's reality.

I wouldn't expect to get invited to anything involving 95% of the WPBT poker bloggers unless there was a good reason. Like, if they knew I was in the area and wanted to round up some of the locals to go fuck around for the night. Or if it happened to be an entire group function someone was planning. I would generally try to do the same from my end if it involved someone else.

It's too big now. Too many people in too many places. Clique-like groupings are inevitable. But what I think our reigning Good & Plenty Champion is trying to do is point out the interesting, and natural, way in which the community has evolved.

And poop is a funny word. Sorry, but it is and I had to say it.


Wwonka said...

I will wear a Pink tom brady shirt if I can hug Bwop.

Romo is gay. Brady well you know

StB said...

Yeah Wonk we know. Brady choked in the Super Bowl.

Falstaff said...

I will buy the Pink Tony Homo Jersey if StB will wear it this summer.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Ahhhh B-Listers. Here we go. Let me give you a situation here.

-Stevie the Bull is conservative
-I'm a leftist when it comes to politics

-Stevie the Bull like Wisconsin
-I like the powerhouse known as UCLA

-Stevie the bull plays cards by numbers a bit and plays by feel
-The Rooster just plays by feel

-Stevie likes a mix of beers but loves his locals
-The Rooster tends to only drink dark expensive beers and PBR (we all have our vice)

In the end that doesn't mean that we don't like one another and that we are on a different scale. Yet, I'm sure that there are times that Steve will go to watch the Brewers in Chicago with Donkey and I won't get invited. Did they conspire against me? Did they meet in secret to plan their weekend? I don't care because both those teams suck. I digress.

I get invited to Pauly's dinner and you can bet that I don't tell him not to invite StB and Donkey...but the truth is...that when NYC Bloggers get together we are snobs and don't invite everyone else. Holla!

So if you are a B-Lister and hurt by all this remember...The Rooster didn't get invited to the Playboy Mansion a few years back...but I did love knowing the boys were there representing. Nuff said.

Bobby is still getting old and out of shape...thus, a B-lister

Drizztdj said...

I just feel honored to meet everyone.

Honestly, this "group" is the best thing to happen to me, despite the lack of received head. But I heard DP will take care of that in Chicago while wearing a pink Urlacher jersey.

BWoP said...

I will chip in for half of the cost of the Pink Romo jersey for StB if he promises to wear it during the next gathering.

StB said...

Hahahahahah.. aaaaa NO!