Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rough one

It wasn't a good night. I dropped a buyin at PLO8. Finished 20th in the Skillz series, watching a lot of garbage PLO being played. And finished 16th in the Bodog.

That got me a whole lot of nothing.

The Omaha games were the most frustrating. In the cash games, people kept chasing their lows and catching them on the river to prevent me from scooping monster pots. Worse, they would sometimes catch their gutshot straight and scoop me. That happened 3 times against me last night.

I believe Miami Don said it correctly:
"...maybe four people who really know how to play, ten people who have a slight
clue how to play, and 100 others (myself included) who have no fucking idea how
to play....they will get snapped off by some donk, hey might even be me, who
plays a shit hand and gets lucky or goes runner runner perfect. "

I don't confess to be an expert at Omaha, but believe I have a decent grasp on the game. There is always some luck involved. But I do understand that the game isn't to be played like a slot machine where you hope that the reels give you enough bars to spit out a jackpot. That playing a 10 high hand to a pot size raise just to hope to snap a high pocket pair is good strategy. Where people believe playing shit is ok because "it is Omaha" is a smart thought.

There wasn't enough Captain Morgan's rum in my house to get me through this rough night. I emptied the bottle. Must hit up the liquor store for the next hit on Thursday.


Riggstad said...

PLO blogger tournies are luckfest deathmatches to say the least.

Sick runs last night by guys/gals shoving any 4 ...

and I shove that nut draw everysingle time!!!

well, maybe not every single time :)

Drizztdj said...

I have an extra handle of Cap'n but was saving it in case I lose the other half of my bankroll in March. :)

Mitchell said...

Hey, may I post a link to your blog on my blog?


Let me know...I don't want to offend experienced bloggers...