Friday, March 07, 2008

PLO dreaming

Ok. Play it smart. There are 5 left. Don't do anything stupid. You are in first and can stay there. Don't overplay your cards.

Hmm...I will raise it here, lotta, paint, I can get the blinds at least. Shit, a re-raise, all in for only 10k more. Gotta go for the knockout...... Damn, he is going to outkick me with these aces. So much for being in first.

Ok, get it together. Let's try it again. I think I can steal with this hand. Shit, again, being forced all in. Boone! Bigger pair, no help. That was stupid!


So much for playing it smart. Damn!

I went from being first to busting in 5th in two hands last night. The Riverchasers PLO tournament was working very well for me too. I was being patient and getting some good value out of my big hands.

But then the pushfest started. At the final table, no one had a super stack. When it got down to 5, no one had an M of more than 15. Practically any hand seeing flop was going to dump half of their chips or be all in. I pumped up the aggression because of it. Not the best move I guess. That is probably the closest I will get to the TOC. Though I played well, I feel like I didn't.

Congrats to Tuscaloosa Johnny on the win. He overpowered the last 5 is a dominant fashion.

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