Friday, March 14, 2008


I had another rough couple of days playing PLO8. It was a combination of getting sucked out on and tilting. Made some loose calls, chased, and then burned out in flames. Not the way to win.

I did notice some patterns taking place from some other players. A couple of them would always raise from the button if there were 2 or 3 limpers ahead of them. The prospect of calling another 5 or 6 to see a flop forced most of them to fold. It looked like easy money. On the flop, they would bet accordingly. If they were all high cards, they potted it. If there were low cards, they would check and draw cards. If an EP bet out, they would fold if they had nothing. It appeared to be a very disciplined strategy.

Raising preflop is a necessity in this game. After getting some tips from Drizz, I realized what I needed to do. Ramp up my game, but not too fast. I decided to drop to .25/.50 so I could begin to be a bit more aggressive with Hi only hands. It would allow me to play with raising more preflop and if I missed, it wouldn't kill my bankroll. I figure the experience I can gain would be worthwhile but it wouldn't be without some frustration. Too many stupid plays happen at one level lower that you don't see at .50/1.00. It takes adjustment. And sadly, the money made is lower.

Still enjoying Omaha though. Hell, I am enjoying more non holdem games at this time.

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Drizztdj said...

Now if I could only help myself to a couple of wins :)