Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Because it is true

Worst poker player.

Maybe there should be an award for stupidest person in a casino. That would got to the clown Brandon who started that rant on Brandi, but that was ever stupider to go on tape and do an interview. You probably have already seen this over on Iggy's post, but the wee one likes to receive any and all linkage. So not only did you admit to being a dumbass in a forum, you now decide that video showing your face. Is that so people can walk by you in the casino and say "Hey, that is the dumbass who dumped his girl and then left her alone in his house for 3 days. And he was shocked that she stole everything." They should have your face show up on the Simpsons just so Nelson can laugh at you.

Knowing she was a skank, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners. Furthermore, you know where she is and you don't have the sack to go get your money back.

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