Friday, January 18, 2008

Just missed it

I ran into some issue with the computer yesterday that prevented me from play the RiverChasers games last night. I believe I need to do something to clean up the pc but have no clue what. It is getting slower and bogging down if I have a couple programs going. And it isn't all porn viewing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

So after missing the RC game by a minute, I decided to play some triple draw. For some reason, I figured I would go to Ultimate Bet and donk around the fifty some bucks I have there. One thing I should have realized right away. The TD table was A-5, not 2-7. That really changed everything. I folded a couple good hands because I was use to 2-7. Then I missed a bet when I just checked with the nut wheel. It was tiny stakes so I didn't miss much. The .25-.50 game was the only one going.

I quickly got off of UB and went back to Stars where I played the game I am more accustomed to. A couple 2/4 games were going and I jumped in. Things were rather rocky. I would go on short runs and do well and then get knocked around when my 1 card draws would not hit on any street. It was kinda compounded by the fact there were two players willing to call down with 9s and even bluff when holding face cards. The table was juicy until it became heads up and I didn't want a piece of that so I went to the other table.

It started well there as I hit the nuts on my first hand, first draw. But then the roller coaster ride began again and I went up and down. It looked good when a player from the previous table joined in. He was terrible and was going to keep drawing no matter what. But then he went on a tear and soon when from 50 to over 200. It seemed he was going to keep catching cards no matter what. That had me change my tactics a bit and slow down when I got involved. In then end, I was up a couple bucks for the night but had a good time.

Seeing how it is suppose to be damn cold this weekend, I may try to get some tokens for Don's big game on Sunday. I may be skipping the bar and football this weekend.

I found out today the real story of the Cowboys loss last Sunday. Why Tony, why?

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PokahDave said...

I can't help with the pathetic Cowboys but I sent you an email with the best of the free Spyware Killers...I use it at home also.