Monday, January 21, 2008

Beer > Poker

I didn't end up playing any HORSE yesterday. I decided to join my friends and watch the Packers game instead. Maybe I should have stayed home. But give me an excuse to go drink for 8 hours and watch football and I will be there.

I played some on Saturday with the intention of getting into the game yesterday. I got two bad beats in hold em tournaments having my K K beat by A Q with the nice four flush. In a different tourney, some assclown reraised my reraised A A with 9 9. He went on to runner runner the straight.

But I did place 11th in a HORSE tournament to recoup most of the day's losses. I had figured I could use that momentum to do well in last night's event. But beer called.

I am looking forward to the Bodonkey tournament on Tuesday. Right now I am glad I didn't throw all that cash on the Packers yesterday.

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