Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Game? Where did I put that?

I don't quite know where my game is. That is, if I have any kind of game.

My interest in playing poker is not like it was 2 years ago. I enjoy the game and the challenges presented, but my heart isn't fully in it at the moment. It seems I get kind of bored and unfocused about an hour in. I then employ a go for broke mentality. I usually end up broke. Then I reign it in and try to make something happen. That something is usually going to bed.

A couple years ago it wasn't the case. I could slog my way through the field and make some money. Sometimes I would go deep enough to make a good score. Now, I feel my best is a bubble. The best I have done of late has been a couple 3rds. Not bad but they are far and few between.

That was the tale last night. I made a very bad play in the Bodog to go out midway. Technically two bad plays as I didn't re-raise enough (though I am sure it wouldn't have made this donkey fold) and then making a call knowing I was beat instead of fighting back with a short stack.

Did better in the Skillz game. Final table and out in 9th when 5 5 got beat by J 10s. What hurt was trying to steal with J 10s the hand just prior and not catching a thing on the flop. It was good to see the Spaceman again though. Wish he would write more often.

The night wasn't a total loss as I didn't scoop up a token in the free for all. That took about 10 minutes longer than it should have as some dipshits didn't understand the concept of hand-for-hand and kept delaying the tournament.

If I ignore the $40 lost playing PLO8, I break even. I think I will ignore it.

I see the Rooster is begging for attention again. Because he is a good guy, I say everyone should go see that cock lover. Yep, he loves the cock. He has pictures of cock right there on his blog. Some say he is an expert on the cock. Been playing with cock all his life. Even at the table, his little cock ends up on the felt. So click on through to the Rooster and tell him I say hi!


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

The Rooster likes to Rock Out...with his cock out...holla!

Anonymous said...

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