Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No skillz

I don't know exactly what to say about my play in the Pot Limit Omaha round of the Blogger Skillz challenge. I didn't play poorly but I also didn't play well. In the end, I finished 29 of 82. Problem was, I really didn't have a chance to win.

The level of play itself was interesting. My guess is most of these people have never learned to play Omaha. I have put some time in it and by no means think I am good at it, even though i did win a blogger Omaha tourney. I mean, there was a lot of bets that left me scratching my head. Bets made with second pair, no draw and numerous players left to act. People calling down with pocket aces and no draw. Stuff that I found strange for an Omaha game. And I again, I am by no means a good Omaha player so maybe people think that is the way to play, but I find that bluffing in Omaha usually leads to you watching Omaha.

Bayne was my nemesis last night. He took two good pots off of me. One time he flopped a straight and slow played it. The other time he had a massive draw. I had Kings with a flush draw, but something told me I was behind. Yep, he had an opened ended straight draw and the nut flush draw. It wasn't the spot I want to put all my chips in. Thankfully I let my gut rule my mind on those hands and survived a bit longer.

I was able to double up at the expense of EasyCure. Flopped two pair and decided to take a gamble with it. Thankfully he didn't catch his flush and his aces weren't good enough.

I made a bit of a donkish play at the end. With QQ single suited, I tried to steal the blinds. Big Pirate or Pirate Lawyer, I can't keep up with those scurvy folks, caught KK. Flop of 8 high had me betting out. When he raised I had only two choices. Push or fold. I thought it over and decided to push. My read was he was on a draw. If he had A A or K K behind, well, I was screwed. Uh huh. I was screwed and found myself walking the plank.

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