Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How not to win a tournament

I was playing both the Bodog blogger game and the Skillz game last night. Nothing much to report on either. Instant Tragedy played his J J well against me and I was eliminated somewhere in the low 20s or high teens. I played an ok game with what cards I received. I was able to ratchet up the aggression at the right times. Except for the end. Sure I probably shouldn't have been raising up with Q 10s and then pushing on a 10 high board with no draws, but I don't think anyone could put him on a higher pair from the BB like that. I like how IT played it. When he bet out, I thought he had a mid pair or strong A behind. I didn't expect a higher pocket pair.

I was disappointed with the O8 game. I was playing well for the first 2 sessions. At least well for a Omatard. Yeah, I had my share of suckouts, but I also calmed down my aggression in the right spots. I have learned the pain of being quartered and didn't need to be a masochist.

The problem I had with my play was simple. I got impatient. I was sitting in the top 5 for most of the second session. It seemed like anytime I was dealt a pair of Kings, I would flop a set and it would not just hold up, it would hold for a monster pot. It really helped that people would keep chasing their lows, even if it wasn't the nut low. I am so glad many people did not read BWOP basics of Omaha 8 post. They rather fling those chips like monkeys fling poo.

But as I said, I got impatient. I went card dead and then tried to make things happen. The table was seeming tight so I got aggressive with marginal hands. Not bad, but not that strong. Problem was I was running into one particular donkey that was not going to fold and must have sat on a horseshoe. He was playing some crappy cards but hitting flops. When I dropped a nice pot to him because of that, I went on semi tilt with a small stack and then was out in 12th. Had I stayed patient, I could have made the money.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

That was definitely more flop-hitting with horrific starting O8 cards than I have ever seen in one place at one time. By a mile.

And I even played the Riverchasers O8 tournament a couple of weeks back.