Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Badger Poker...I got some cards, now what??

I have done well at the Rock Bottom Brewery making the final table in the last two events held there. I even thought I would support the cause by wearing one of the polo shirts I had won. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. It is like putting a target on your forehead. But I digress.
Game started on the slow side. I was talking with 2 guys who had played in the Rock 102.1 tourneys that were held during the summer. They had said how loose and wild they were. After a couple of hands, I saw why. We started with 9 players. Guy on my right immediately started freaking out about some of the cards people were playing, especially the moron in the corner. Yes, moron accurately describes him. He called down a third of his chips with a pair of 3s- low card on the board. Interestingly enough was the fact that it got beat by a pair of 8s, 3rd low on the board. I also liked it when his girlfriend bet out a high amount on him trying to force him to fold. She was a good player. Moron's girlfriend (MGF) frowned when he called, apparently not getting the hint. He would dump more of his chips soon enough. I tried to loosen up a bit, see some flops early with some high suited and connectors. Early on nothing was coming close so I held off. I got QQ and raised up with 2 callers. Flop came with an ace. Ugh! Check, I bet, one guy folds, and the moron's girlfriend calls. Turn is a K. Now she bets. I muck. Best to get out while I can. Before I knew it was slowly draining chips down about 4k. I raised out with A J in early position and caught the Deion Sanders fan (he was wearing the Deadskins jersey and a Noles hat). Flop came K Q 7. I bet out the pot and he called. Turn was a rag. I bet again and he folded showing his pair of queens. Nice.
A little bit later I would look down to see QQ again. I raise 600 and get 2 callers including moron. Flop comes J 4 5, all diamonds. Crap! Don't tell me my queens are going to get busted again. I bet out 1500 and he calls. Turn is another diamond. Not bad, but not great. I check, moron checks. Turn is a rag. Moron goes all in. I sigh. Don't tell me my queens are going to get busted again. He counts up and actually has 300 more than I do. I give the crying call. If QQ is busted again, then nothing will go right. Moron shows a pair of jacks. He had no part of the flush. Whoo hoo! I am alive for now.
I need to mention the loose player on my left. He got on a bit of a rush with some good cards, and some bad cards. I didn't care for him either. He was always taking the cards off the tables and putting them in his lap. He knocked out a couple of people though when his aces were hitting the flop. People start dropping like flies at our table. Miller guy doesn't last long. Sanders fan is soon gone. All at the hands of Loosey to my left. He even causes a commotion when he doesn't protect his cards and they are accidentally mucked. I had caught A 8 suited and tried to steal the blinds. I raised 600. He immediately called (which I didn't mind as he was raising preflop with just suited cards, no matter how high they may have been). No one else is in when the dealer starts putting all the mucked cards together and grabbed his. We called over the pit boss (ha!) to settle it. He told him what cards he had and pulled them out. Tight boy didn't like it but I didn't care. Flop hit, I bet and he folded. He would go out the next hand when he would raise the pot 2000. New guy to the table would push is stack all in ( he had over 20k). Loosey, who was tall stacked immediately called and started counting up. New guy had him by a couple thousand and showed QQ. Loosey shows A 2 offsuite. WTF? A quick all in call with that crap? Needless to say, he was done.
Tight boy would go next. He goes on a big 3 way pot. I had caught 5 5 and called his bet of 500. He had two callers down the line as well. Flop come 10 10 9, two diamonds. Tight boy bets 1000. Guy on the end raises him 2000 more. MGF calls the 2000. Tight boy, who is small stacked and pot committed, goes all in. Easy decision for me as I muck. Guy on the end raises all in as well. MGF thinks for a while and calls. The guys each show A 10, while MGF shows Q 9 of diamonds. Diamond hits the turn knocking one guy out and severely crippling the guy on the end. He moved all in on the next hand and doubled through. Immediately on the next hand he pushed again after I had raised the pot. I had Q 10 diamonds. It would cost me about 25% of my stack to call. I figured he couldn't have much so I did it. Got no help and he doubled through again.
With blinds at 500/1000, I caught some jacks. I raised up to 4000 just to have guy on the end go all in again. I only had 4700 left so I had to call. He showed me his K K and the door. I last about an hour 40 minutes. Maybe I shouldn't have raised half my stack, just a smaller amount. Then I could have backed off. I was hoping to catch one of the any ace players and take the chance the A wouldn't hit.
There is always the next game.

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