Thursday, August 26, 2004

Badger Poker...Ride em Cowboys!

Things started out well enough last night at Gametime. First hand saw me getting some Cowboys. 4 others had limped in so I took it up a notch and raised it 1000 more. Got just one caller to see a flop. She quickly folded and I took the first pot down. And I set the tone for the table. Any good hand resulted in a 1000 raise. Table was playing somewhat tight too. Seemed to be 3 guys who worked together, some guy and his girlfriend (how is it that when a guy/girl play at the same table, the girl is just about always better than the guy?), two other dudes that were buddies and Ahmed the camel driver (he smelled like that at least). Ahmed got knocked early as his aces got cracked by K K. The chick was driving everyone pretty hard. She was a good player. Better than the whiner to my right. He was crying about this and that and showing everyone the cards he couldn't play. I myself was doing ok. I was raising up good cards and taking some nice pots down. Took down a biggie while defending the blinds. Early position raised it by 500. Chick called and I called as well with 7 9 diamonds. Flop came A 8 4, with 2 diamonds. Early guy bet 1000, chick called and I did as well. Turn was a 6 clubs. Guy bet 2000, chick called. I thought about it for a bit. I counted my outs, checked the pot, and figured I had good odds to be paid off if I hit either the straight or the flush. I read neither of them as being on a draw, especially early guy. River was the 2 of diamonds. Early guy bet another 3000, chick called and I moved all in. Early guy called and the chick folded. He just had aces. I took down a good pot just before the break. Sat at 25100, best I had done all week. Just about made a big move at the end of the session too. Guy UTG went all in with about 5600. I looked down and saw 8 8. I thought about calling him but didn't like my position. I figured he didn't have a high pair, maybe J J or 10 10 at best, but could be just an ace. I mucked, but 2 others called him down. He showed K Q, while the others had A K. Of course, an 8 hit on the turn and I could have taken 3 guys out and had a huge lead. Instead, they would chip up nicely in the second session.
Second session had a brutal beginning. Caught A Q early on. I raised up and had one caller. Flop came A 3 6. I bet 1500 and he called. Turn was a 2. I bet the pot figuring he may have an ace but his hesitancy on the flop told me he may have an A but not a good kicker. But before he called my bet, the idiot turned over the river card. We called for a ruling and they said my bet had to come back to me and the hand was dead. Turn over our cards and no more bets. The river card was a 5 to give him a straight. I felt like I got screwed here as he probably wasn't calling. It would bet worse as the same thing happened with my A J. Guy turns the turn card too early and I get beat by a small pair that I was trying to bluff out. I had JJ busted as well by a set so the second session pretty much sucked. Ended it with 19100.
Blinds were going up again and they moved more players to our table. It seemed like everyone had a cigarette in their mouth. Twins fans came with a small stack and didn't last long. New guy on my right was cool. Bigger guy with a Tigers hat that I Had played with before. Then there were two younger guys, one who was a chimney and the other who couldn't get cards higher than a five (or so he says). Took down a small pot with A 8 when I bet out and everyone folded a flop that totally missed me. Before the cards could make a complete orbit, blinds went up again. 2000/4000. Caught 10 10 and raised up to 12000. Chimney, who had limped in, thought and mucked. A couple hands later, I tried knocked out one of the tight guys from early in the night. He went all in. I was in the big blind and tried to defend. I read him for just A high and called with my pair of 6s. He had one ace and another to go with it. Got no other 6 and was hurt a bit. Small blind came to me and I tried to limp. I looked down at A 6 suited and decided to defend it. Unfortunately, big blind went all in and had a caller. With just 5k left, I felt committed and called. Went up against J J and A K. Not enough as none of my suit hit and just like that, I was done.
Played better this night, but made some bad decisions. But now, I wish they could make the game smokeless like many poker rooms are. I felt like I smoked a pack by the end of the night.

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