Saturday, August 21, 2004

Papa's Social Club- Friday night fish fry

At work, I keep hearing about the wild card game that happens after work on Fridays. Knowing some of the chuckleheads there, I figure it has to be good money. I figured wrong. I didn't cash but I had a good time. There were 7 guys playing. Giggle boy won the game. He knocked me out when I was over aggressive on my two pair and he had the nut flush. Good play on his part. The exsturminator played his legendary loose game. You have to see it to believe it. This man would bluff his own mother if it meant he would get a couple more red chips. Little Bladder Girl won the first game that was going on as I arrived. And did he screw the finance guy out of a pot. Little Bladder Girl pushed all in on his two pair, kings and fours just to see finance guy had aces and fours. LBG rivered his king and took finance guy out. He then went to the bathroom. Again. It seemed like he was heading to the john after every fifth hand. He had to because Curly was counting. It was a good time. Next time around I guess I should hold off the Spotted Cow and focus on playing some winning poker. Good job Giggle Boy.

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Anonymous said...

Maehl-box - Chuckleheads??? I heard those guys were some of the best poker players east of 76th St...Especially, the X-sturminator! Man that guy is a legend!