Sunday, August 22, 2004

Potowatami Poker Report- Shakin!

Went down to the Pot on Sunday morning to play some poker. Had this plan since Friday. So when Sunday came along, I woke up, made some coffee and read the paper. One pot later I went down to make some money., I don't need to eat anything. The caffeine will get me by. Yeah, right.
I get down there and the room is half empty (about 9:15), but the tables are full. There are 5 names on the list for 5/10. No one for 2/4, so I inquire if there is a spot. Sure as shinola there is so I figure I will play some no fold em to warm up. Strange thing begins to happen. I win a pot and begin to stack chips. My hands are shaking like crazy. At first I think nothing of it, but my whole body begins to shake. I guess the caffeine is kicking in hard. I play another pot, in the big blind with 5 3 suited. Doesn't cost me anything so I bet out when the flop comes 3 3 8. But as I bet my hand is still shaking like wild. Everyone at the table picks up on this and begins to laugh. Of course you hear "tell" being whispered like crazy. I play out the hand and lose to someone with A 3. That sucked. Soon, I would get a pair of 7s. Flop gave me a set so I bet. Everyone folds except for one guy who is laughing. I am trying to keep my hands and body from shaking. I try to breathe slow and deep and it feels like it is working except for the fact that I am now starving. I make my quads on 4th street and the guy pays me off all the way down. Someone even says that I stopped shaking when the final 7 hit the table. So I continue to putter at the 2/4 when they announce they will open the 5/10 in 10 minutes. I play a bit more and walk away from the no fold em game down a whopping $4. I was tempted to stay because one guy was calling every bet and not folding. No matter what he had, he was in every pot. He would call down with 3rd best pair and lose. Or even an ace high. But he was also hitting some of these hands and making two pair to piss some people off. I wanted to tag him, but I didn't want to play this game. So I took my shaking and did the smart thing- went to bigger stakes.
Before the 5/10 got started, I drank some water and walked a bit to relax. My shaking had pretty much stopped so that was good. The 5/10 got off to a pretty good start. After a couple of hands went by, I caught a good hand and took down a small pot. Then another. Hooray it is a kill game! Let's go ahead and make this a 10/20 for the next hand. And the next. And the next. I won 5 straight hands. Sadly, the pots were all pretty small. I was catching some good cards early and the board was pairing up like mad. Board would look like 9 9 5 5 3, so I would bet with an A and win the pot as no one was making their sets or full boats. Thus, there was no pot to bet up and take down. Bummer. But I do hit another quad, this time 3s. I guess you only get hats if the quads are 10s or higher. Yeah, because the lower quads hit ALL THE TIME! So I was up right away, but not as much as it could have been. "Uncle Ron" was dealing me good. Someone made a comment about him dealing me good cards and he cracked that maybe he shouldn't deal with his nephew at the table. Of course I played along. Unfortunately my uncle left but my cousin came in. New dealer was the other's son. Funny. Anyway, my streak ends and it get pretty damn cold. I catch some cards but the board is not cooperating. The older Packer fan is taking some pots, but he isn't too thrilled with my Dallas Cowboys hat. The guy to my right is doing a lot talking about how he had only so much time to play before he has to go take care of his 1 year old. I am happy he is leaving soon when he makes a full house and is holding 5 2 to beat my aces. The guy with spiky hair two spot to my left is really quiet and bleeding chips. Harley dude on my left doesn't really know what the hell he is doing. Asking a lot of questions but he is good guy. He keeps circulating his chips, bluffing at pots and quickly mucking when caught. There are also two really tight guys at the table that are playing maybe 1 hand an hour. And when they do, they catch it. So I begin to avoid them, hoping I can catch something take them down. Mid life crisis lady brought a poker book to the table- How to win low limit poker. Good book from what I heard. Now I see she needs to read it and she was playing way too many cards. But I liked it. There was one kill pot that was awesome. I was now down as I wasn't catching too many hands that were playable and I was trying some connectors and such. I caught K 10 and called the $10 bet. Flop came K 10 8. Sweet two pair. I bet and there are 4 callers. Huh? Turn is a K. I have the nuts. I bet $20 and they all call down. Yes! River doesn't matter to me, but I am hoping to see a club so someone caught their flush. Alas it wasn't but I bet out and they all call me down. They paid me off with the nut full house! Pot was over 200 bones. Sweet. But I would give a lot of it back. In back to back hands, I had a draw on a Royal Flush. First I was holding a K 10 hearts (K 10 was working for me) and caught a flop that included the Q J hearts. With visions of hats in my head I chased it to no avail. Couldn't even catch a non-heart 9 or A. Next hand, I have the K again and see a flop that had the J and 10. Turn was the Q. Cost me some more chips chasing for an A or 9 again. Damn. Open ended on a Royal/straight flush and could even hit anything with all of those outs.
People are coming and going. The guy sits down were spiky was. He looked just like a young Jesse "The Body" Ventura! Except he had hair. It looked like a reverse mullet. Short in back but long and feather in the front. Nice! He was a decent player and was making a good stack. Another strange thing begins to happen as well. When 1 came around, the guy on my right left. Over the next 2 hours, 4 people would sit down and then move to a different seat on the table. Was it something I said? I hadn't taken a shower but I used a liberal amount of deodorant. I didn't stink (yes, someone verified for me). But no one wanted to sit in that seat until Badger man did. But even the Walrus moved. At one point, this older black guy said down in "moving" seat. He had a big white mustache that made he think he looked like a walrus. For at least the first 5 pots, he bet pre flop on every one. And he bet or called every card. Even when he had nothing. At one time he thought his pair of 3s would win when they were the lowest card showing? I even made a comment that mid life crisis lady liked. When he kept betting, I asked in the 10/20 game was full. He didn't even acknowledge that I spoke. Ok.
I would get paid off well again. Caught A 8 spades and limped on in. Two spade hit the flop and I bet out. Got raised even. Turn was a spade and I got the nuts again. All 5 other people in the hand paid me off there and on the river. Old Packer fan chuckled that I got paid off once again. I didn't get much from there. Made a nice straight and took down a small pot but nothing big. Mid life crisis lady kept rebuying. Altoid man to my left rebought. Another new guy replaced the Harley fish. After 6 1/2 hours, I left. Unfortunately I played too many hands and paid to see too many cards and left up $45. My small pairs weren't becoming sets. I was second pair too many times when someone would bet their pair of aces. I did take tight guy down once when I did get a 6 to match my pocket pair.
It was good to play down at the Pot once again and make a bit of money. Enough people who are learning the game and play way too many hands. Granny sure did. Though she played poker all of her life, and just learned to play hold em because he grandkids sure have fun playing it, you would think she would have known when to fold. Suckouts didn't get me this time around so that was nice. And now I see on Tuesdays, they are instituting a pot limit game with a $200 buy in and $5 blinds. Plus, you sign up in advance. I asked a dealer how it was but he said Tuesday was the first day. Game also starts at 1pm so that kinda sucks. So I am happy to see the craziness still exists. Next I eat something if I drink that much coffee.

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