Saturday, August 21, 2004

Full Tilt

Today I play in my first big tournament. A $200 buy in that I won entry into. First place pays $50k. They pay the top 45 people so even if I hit the money, I can win $700. Not bad for a free play. But the competition is good. Clonie Gowin. Andy Bloch. Allen Cunningham. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. Paul Wolfe. Perry Friedman. Erick Lindgren. Eric Seidel. Howard Lederer. Jennifer Harmon. Phil Ivey. Yeah, like I am gonna just walk all over them. Good part is that if I do, I could win $200 bounty bonuses if I knock one of them out. Cool. It starts at 2pm. Of course, you will read it here afterwards. And if someone I win it, I get to play tomorrow against just the pros to win even more money.

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