Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Badger Poker...Worst cards ever!

Thank you Comic Book Guy.
Monday night at the Lava. I knew it would be tough playing cards this night. Hey, I wanted to watch the Cowboys game and just about decided to pass on poker. But, I decided to try and do both. Little did I know it would have been a lot easier to just stay home and watch the football game.
Worst cards ever! I am not joking about that. The best starting hand I had all night was 3 3. That is it. I never had a chance to raise pre flop. Well, I guess I could have on any crap, but it wouldn't have mattered because Worst Player Ever was raising on everything. Yes, I was at a table with a really bad player. Actually, it started with two really bad players. One busted out to WPE on the very first hand when he pushed all in with his pair of queens and was taken down by a set of 8s. WPE got a set and immediately doubled up. Now, maybe I am being a bit harsh because now that he had a stack, he raised every hand he played, which is good poker and he stayed aggressive betting out. But the hands he played were pretty damn bad. And he got lucky. Really lucky. For example, he called down an all in bet for about 6000 after a flop showed 3 diamonds. The pusher turned up A K with the K being a diamond. He showed A 3 with the 3 being a diamond. Turn is a 3, river the 9 of clubs. His pair won.
I also made an error in playing against him. It gave me a flashback to the very first day of the Badger Poker series where I tried to bluff out a guy on a pot. I thought I had learned that day not to try and bluff bad players. You simply can't. As I said, I wasn't getting any good cards to play. So I defend my big blind in with J 9 even though WPE had raised 500. Flop came 10 4 2. First guy checked, WPE bet 500, one guy folded. I called just to try and play. First guy folded so I was heads up. Turn is another 4. I bet out a pot size bet. He thinks and calls. River is a 10. I don't like that card. I figured he just had the A. I am screwed and need to bet to have any chance to take down this pot. So I fire 2000 and he calls. He shows A 2. He was calling on bottom two pair. A bet on second 4 indicates trips. Unless you are stupid, you fold. Once again, I broke the rules and tried to bluff a bad player. Shame on me. I deserved to lost that hand.
But it would have been good to at least win more than 1 pot. I won the very first one when everyone folded to me on the button. I raised with A 8 suited and got no takers. I guess that was my second best hand. Otherwise it may have been Q 10 or J 10. Nothing else, literally. I called some bets with some connectors but caught nothing. I bled out chips to no avail.

And this table was ripe for the picking. With the way WPE was playing, others followed his lead. One guy called down at least 7500 in best with bottom pair. The guy betting had played very few hands. When the A flopped, I knew he had it. Heck, he raised preflop. At the end he showed his A Q. Guy with the 3s showed k 3 offsuit. Huh? Another guy called down a lot of bets from WPE and couldn't even pair the board. It was bad and I couldn't find a decent had to even see a flop. None of my hands would have panned out anyways.

Finally, as blinds pushed to 500/1000, as I was down to just 2100, I knew I had to find something and push. Saw J 10 UTG and decided now was as good as any time. Hey, I could bust out and get home to watch the second half of the Cowboys. So I push and get 4 callers, including two bad players. I kinda like that. But the flop doesn't hit me. It comes 9 4 2 with two diamonds. First bad player pushes all in with about 7500. WPE calls and third guy folds. First bad player shows pocket rockets. WPE shows 7 3 diamonds. Huh? Sure enough, the diamond hits on the turn and he wins the pot. Funny yet, the guy I try to bluff the first week comes down and starts talking with WPE. I think they are brothers as they look alike. Maybe they are the Worst Poker Playing Family ever?

It was quite frustrating see such bad cards. I believe my best hands were 3 3, A 8, Q 10, J 10 and maybe 6 5. Everything else had huge gaps or were never suited. I tried to play the connectors but couldn't catch any part of a flop. When I tried to bluff, I would get called. About the only thing I could have down was to bluff with all my chips but that would have been stupid. Then again, it may have worked.

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