Saturday, August 21, 2004

Full Tilt- Going for 50k

First break in the tournament. I am sitting with 2210 right now, up from the 1500 start. That puts me at 180 out of 620 who started. There are 377 people left. Need to get to 63 to make some money. Blinds are going up every 10 minutes so you really need to play.
I was doing pretty good until a guy sucked out the diamond on the river. Otherwise been in there stealing blinds as the table got very tight in the 30/60 level.
Pros started dropping like flies. Howard Lederer didn't last 10 minues. He went all in with JJ only to find KK calling him down. Andy Bloch, Jennifer Harman and Jesus Ferguson are done too. Top pro is Phily Ivey with about 2600. I need one of them at my table so I can get a shot at a bounty!

Second session doesn't go too well. I am not getting cards and beginning to dislike this fold em game. When I defend the blinds, it gets ugly. I get a 6 2 and small blind limps. Flop is 3 3 10. I bet, he calls. Turn is a 2. I check, he checks. River is a 9. I try to steal it by betting half the pot. He calls and shows his set of 3s. Ugh! Still not getting cards, but am trying to be aggressive. I am stealing the blinds whenever I have a chance. Get Q 9 and decide to go for it. I know the big blind may attempt to defend but what the heck. I raise with a pot bet. She calls. Flop doesn't come close to helping me. I fire away and she folds. Yes! But I keep losing hands on interesting calls. Again in big blind and I am defending. Can't quite recall the hand but I kept firing. Felt the guy wasn't going to call, especially when an A hit the river. I was confident that he didn't have one. He didn't but he pair up the 7s on the board, the third low pair! What kind of call is that?
Now I am chip crippled. Hanging between 800 and 1000. Blind are up and now they have added antes. I am losing chips without doing anything. So I must do something. Try to be patient. Get AA. Fire away! No callers and I move up. Next hand QQ. Fire away again. Get one caller and I am back to 2400. But the blinds are now 200/400 and I keep bleeding antes. Still need to play. Kojak gets no callers. Moved to a different table that is aggressive. Can't defend my blinds when they are raised every time. So I need to steal. Push a 9 10 and steal away. A Q doubles me up! At the end of the second session, I have 2700 and there are 129 people left. Getting close to money. But I need some cards!

Third session starts and I keep getting moved from table to table. Worse yet, I am being put in front if the blinds and am paying out the wazoo! I am hemoraging chips. I am down to 200 and push with K 10 and survive! But the damn blinds are coming around again. 7 7 and I push. Up against A K. Damn king hits on the flop and I am done in 90th place. No dinero for me. No bounties collected. Didn't even face a pro, though I lasted longer than any of them. Highest chip count I had was only 3500. Didn't really do much except take up space.

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