Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Badger Poker...Nice game of Fold Em

Monday night at the Lava started in a most interesting way- with a table change. Word floating around the packed bar was that the place was checked out by the fire department and had a possible code violation with all the people that were playing there. When we first arrived, we were told to come back as they were admitting 20 people at a time. Hmmm...So when I got there and met a friend, we took our beer and went to the loft to play up there as it seemed like a bit more room. That is when the table change occurred. Before we started they took our table and put us back downstairs, to fill out all of the other tables. So instead of having room, I end up next to the bar just to have everyone squeezing through behind me. Not that it would help my play. Sat down and saw some familiar faces. Black widow was there. Another guy who has done well at times was there, but many more new faces.
I didn't get many hands to play all night. Early in the game, I would lose about 1/3 of my stack. I limped in with K 10. Flop came Q high. No one bet so I got a free card, a K. Guy in early position bet. I raised and he called. On the river, I thought my pair of kings may be good so I bet out and was called. He had K Q for two pair. Later, in the blinds, I get the whopping 5 2 offsuit. Flop though came with a 3 and 4. I was open ended for the straight. The implied value was huge. But it cost me more to see the turn and river that just could hit my 8 outs. From there, I got little to play. Limped on some face cards but got no help from the board. Finally, I catch A Q after the blinds had moved up to 200/400. I raised to 1200 and had 4 callers. Flop misses me. I think it came 5 5 8. I bet out 1500. All but one folds. He thinks. He had to think on calling preflop. I am hoping he goes away, and after a moment, he did. He mucked his pair of 9s. I am now back where I started with a small cushion. 10500 in chips. This would be the highest I would get. Still not getting many hands to play. Got on my right seems to want to play every hand. He would stay in with nothing. Guy on the other end would do the same, thinking 4th pair may be good. Sometimes it did work for him. Other times he would call down a big bet and look pretty damn stupid.
I tried to take Loose Boy on my right out. I got A Q again and raised it up to 1200. Only Loose Boy called all in. Cost me 2500 total so of course I called. He turned over K J. Got my queen on the flop but LB caught a K on the river to double up. Damn. Loose Boy would do this twice more. Catch a card on the turn or river to avoid elimination. And he was still playing a lot of hands, mostly splitting pots. He did get knocked out by a pair of 9s by the same guy who mucked to my AQ.
Still not catching any cards. Blinds are taking me down a bit. I limp on a couple and pay a bit more to see another card, but getting no results. With about 3600 left, I made a mistake by just limping on a pair of 5s. If I wasn't going to push all in, then I should have folded. Blinds were now 500/1000. I should have mucked and just played tighter. Instead I made the donation of 1000 to see a flop that didn't come close to helping me.
A couple hands later, while in the big blind, I had to make a move. I was already committed for 1000. 3 others called the bet. I look down to see 7 7. Next hand, blind are moving to 1000/2000. Now is as good as any to push. I do and get 2 callers. Flop doesn't help me. Guy on other end bet and the other two fold. I know he has me by the way he quickly called my all in bet. Early in the night, he was proud of the way he slow played in pocket rockets. Dumb move on his part as he just about lost that hand to a draw and didn't make much on it anyways. He flipped over J J and I was done.
I was disappointed that I didn't do better. Misplayed one hand (the 5s) but felt better about this session than the last two. The talent at the table was on the low side again. There were two players I had to be concerned about and one wasn't catching anything either.
There is always Rock Bottom tonight.

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