Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Badger Poker...Man those wings are hot

Went downtown to Gametime for the Wednesday night game. Thought I would be adventuresome and have the Hotter than Hades wings before everything got underway. Man were those wings hot. My mouth was on fire for a half hour. They tasted good and the heat took a while to get going but Yamma Mama did they burn!
Unfortunately my game wasn't as hot. Things started good as I won the button. About four hands into the game, I caught pocket kings. I raised it up to 1000. I get 2 callers, including the guy who was bleeding chips out in the first 3 hands. Flop comes with 2 hearts. I bet 2500 hoping to just take it down there. Bleeder looks and raises me all in. Other guy folds. It cost me only 400 more (he bled out the first 3 hands). I even asked how he could call on the flush draw before he turn over his cards. And he showed A 8 of hearts and of course hit the heart on the turn. I did my best Hellmuth and said it was a bad call. Germ, the guy I was heads up with at Lava on Monday shook his head in disgust and was asking how he could call. Bleeder sits back and chuckles "I had to take a shot and it seemed good". Idiot. So the very next hand I get dealt pocket 10s. Since it worked so well the last time, I raise it to 1000 again. I get 2 callers again. Flop come with an A and K. Old Asian on my right bets 2000. I fold.
A couple of hands later when I was in the big blind and caught A K clubs. Hey, I am on a roll with raising preflop to 1000 so I do it again. It should be better as there are 4 callers. Flop comes all rags. I bet out 1500. First 2 fold right away. Old Asian on my right thinks. And thinks. And thinks. Finally he mucks. Hey, it worked! I don't get any real good cards for a while. I catch a pair of Jacks and raise to 700. Guy smoking like a chimney raises to 1400. Everyone else folds. Flop comes with rags. I check. He checks. Turn is an A. I check. He checks. River is a rag. I check, he checks. He turns over K Q. He raised with that? And the phenomena would continue. People raising preflop and failing to follow up. At the first break I am at 8500. Should have been better with some of the hands I had, but I am happy. For the next hour, I get absolutely nothing. Get moved to a different table. Get nothing there. And this table is playing tight! Again, preflop raiser wouldn't act after the flop, it would get checked around and the person with little pair would win when a face card didn't hit for the raiser. Can't anyone make a move on a pot? Someone has to. That someone would be me. Unfortunately. I caught A 7 in the big blind. 5 callers at 1000. Flop comes J A 6. Small blind bets 2000. I call as does the Twins fan (a guy I have knocked out of this tourney a couple of times). Dealer messes up by turning the burn card over instead of the correct card. Turn now is a 5. Considering how tight this table was, I went for it and went all in. Twins fan immediately calls me as the other guy folds. I figure he might have an ace with a better kicker. Nope, he turns over a pair of jacks and I am drawing dead. Done in an hour and 45 minutes this night. Played too aggresively again. I didn't figure he had a pair as he didn't raise preflop. Damn. Have to remember to take it slow and easy with these numbskulls sometimes.
But now for the hand of the night. This one happened about 45 minutes into the game. 3 players. Dude on my left, Bleeder and Chimney. Flop comes 10 10 10. It gets check around. Turn is the J of spades. Two spades on the board. Check around again. This is where it gets interesting. Dude on my left is the dealer. He accidentally grabs the top card from his hand and tosses it into the muck and just about flips the second card of his hand. He realizes what he did and goes to grab his other card back. I see this and tell him his hand is dead, because it hit the muck. Germ had seen this as well and agrees. Dude says something nonchalantly as "I only need one card". He then burn and turns over the A of spades. He looks at his card (the one in front of him) and grabs for the one he took out of the muck. In the meantime, Bleeder folded and Chimney bet 1000. Germ said it didn't matter because his hand was dead. Dude was about to complain when Chimney turned over the K Q of spades for the Royal Flush. Dude turned over the 4th 10, the card that hit the muck. Talk about bad beats! His quad 10s would have been taken out by a Royal Flush! He went from going ballistic to happy that his ass was saved! Amazing!

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