Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back to the Party

I played in the Half Million Qualifier on Party today. To hit one of my goals, I need to play these qualifiers more often. Where better than where all the fishes swim? 115 plopped down $15+1 to win a chance at big money. 4 places got a seat in the big game with the next 3 getting some cash.

I mixed it up quite a bit in the beginning. I was fortunate enough to double up when someone limped with K K and could let it go. My A 10 from the BB flopped two pair. Why he called it down with an A on the board, I will never know. Oh wait, this is Party. Nevermind.

I had a good lay down midway through the game. I laid down my 10 10 when the UTG limper pushed on my raise. I was covered and wasn't quite sure I had the best hand. I am also sick of falling to that move every time. Better safe than sorry here.

I never really held any chips early in the tournament. As we got below 30, I was still above average but not by much. Any opportunity I could get, I would use to double up. Then one came. I had my A Q called by Q 10 with about 20 to go. WTF? Why call with Q 10 off?

I just about push with 7 7 UTG but instead raise it 3xs to 1200. Maybe not the best move to bet just under half of my chips but I figure a push might get callers while a regular bet might look like I have a bigger hand and want callers. I get one loose caller. Flop comes A K K. CRAP! He checks. I push and he folds. Whew!

I chip up again from the big blind with A 3 when a 3 hits the flop. I bet the turn when the board pairs to give me two pair. I also bet the river though queen hit. Small pot but I need the chips.

With 15 left, I am in 12th place. I have room to move as blinds are 300/600 and I have 5600. We are 7 handed at the table. I need to find spots to steal blinds until I get a real hand. K 10 suited gets me the blinds. I post the BB just to have it fold around. I like that.

I also like a glitch in the software that allows the BB to pass right by you. The guy on my right posted the BB. There was no small because he got busted out. Next hand, the button passed directly to the guy who just posted the BB putting me in the small blind. Sweet!

I don't play a hand for what seems like forever. Nothing is coming my way. When I get decent cards, someone else is raising in front of me. I don't want to be forced in to playing A anything but I feel I must do so soon. Blinds kill me as 9 3 off to a raise is beyond stupid. I pick up a small pot with 9 10 in the small blind when we see a flop and he fold on my bet.

Back to 5xs the BB now as blinds have been bumped to 400/800. There are just 5 at my table and the blinds are flying around. A huge stack is on my left and he isn't interested in playing much so that is good. Looks like I need to win a coin toss soon unless a big hand comes my way.

Then someone on the other table gets busted and we hit the final table. I have a little room to work with as the blinds won't hit me for 4 hands. 9 7 off. Not good but I accidentally hit the call button. F%&#!!! Flop comes 7 8 5. I push which is basically a pot size bet. I get called by 8 5. Damn. But a 6 comes out of nowhere on the river to save me and more than double me up. I pulled a Homer!!!

I am in 8th place right now. 7 pay off. Then one of the big stacks loses it all when he plays Q 6 suited from mid position. Huh? Pays off the trip aces in the end. How stupid can one be to play Q 6 suited late in a tournament? Maybe as stupid as one of the leaders who is still playing hands left and right. He can fold to a seat in the big one if he is smart enough.

As I type that, the Hilton Sisters come by for a visit. I bump the bet to 3000 and get called by the BB. The flop is all rags. He bets out and I push. He folds and I am over 12k and in 4th place with 8 left. Then pocket 10s show up. The big stack UTG+1 raises. Damn. I don't want to play here so I fold them instead of being a potential bubble boy.

Now I get cold decked. Just need one more to drop and I can't catch a card. Meanwhile the big stack keep raising any time I have a worthy stealing hand. I don't mind it as much because he could bust the last person out, but from a strategy point of view, the guy is a total idiot.

I try to play a hand by raising with K Q off just to have someone move over the top all in. Damn! Crap in the blind and I bleed some more. I feel like I have a big target on my forehead as I am getting pushed around. Enough. Time to push back!

After a break, I get K J off. The big stack limps. I push my last 4200 in. One of the bullies calls me and the big stack goes away. He shows J 6 off. WTF? The K on the flop was beautiful. Just play donkey. I am back over 10k. Meanwhile the small stack keeps pushing once per orbit and no one is taking him on.

I try to take out a small stack with A Q. My read on the guy is a ragged ace, no pair. I called his all in bet to see A 10. But the board pairs up twice for a spit pot. Then the small stack double up twice making this game seem that much longer to end.

I push from the small blind with 6 6. The former small stack had raised to 3000. It is another 3k for him to call and he does quickly. He shows K K. Ouch! But a 6 shows on the flop and I double up. Finally the 8th place person busts out on a big blind special.

I then get 10 10 UTG+1. The big stack on my right limps in. I bump it up to 5000. He calls. Flop comes Q high. He checks and I push to take down a decent pot. I am over 20k. I get A J and raise it up to take the blinds. Then A 10 to get another small pot. I am in a spot to play little and capture one of the seats to the Half Million Tournament. And all along, the big stacks cannot help but go to war with each other. I just don't get it.

I finally knock one of the small guys out when he pushes his last 7900 out. I have K Q off in the big blind so I have to call just 5k more. The K on the flop and the Q on the turn is good enough to send him packing. I am now just under 30k and in 2nd place. Watch this folding machine work. The other funny part is how much respect I am suddenly getting. The mini rush worked. No one is questioning my bets. And the former big stack on my right- yes FORMER- is now the low. Serves him right.

My position at the table is pretty bad. Both small stacks are to my right. I can put any real pressure on them. The big stacks on my left may play back at me. I get a couple A x hands and raise it up. Both times they take their time before folding. I hate that.

Ouch! Damnit! Leg cramp! I hop up trying to walk it out dropping F bombs left and right. Enough to make even Mike Matusow blush. I wonder how many penalty minutes I would have racked up for the number of times I just said "fuck".

The table is very tight now. There are two small stacks getting blinded down. One is able to go on a rush when he catches A K and then A A. The other isn't so lucky. Yep, the FORMER big stack on my right is bleeding away. I put him out of his misery when he pushes and I have J J. He flips up 3 3. See ya!

I could even claim I won the tournament. Because the 4 all received a seat, I expected the game to end right there but it didn't. We played a couple more hands until 3 of us went all in on one hand just to end it. My 3 4 soooted caught the flush on the river. Then I pushed in with J 10 soooted to win. Yes, I won again!!! Now if only I knew how to print the screen and show it on this blog. Help anyone?


BadBlood said...

Great job, STB. I played in that one too, and noticed you were in as well. Wish I had some luck - went out in 57th when I flopped the nut straight. The turn gave someone a set and the river gave him a boat. The play was HORRIBLE. Except for you. :)

Easycure said...

To capture a screen, hit alt-PrtScn. To paste it somewhere, hit Ctrl-V.

Great must have been using the lucky M-chip.......