Friday, July 08, 2005


The main event of the WSOP has started. So why are you reading this?

Go read Dr. Pauly for blow by blow action! And hookers.

Also check out Otis and the PokerStars crew.

I also stole an idea from BG. I took some of the money won and put it to good use by buying some poker books. Dan Harrington Pt 2, Winning Small Stakes Hold 'Em so I can improve on my ring game, and based on Iggy's comments, The Professor, The Banker, and the Suicide King. I always like books based on true stories so my guess is I will love this one. If it is anything like Positively Fifth Street or American Roulette, it will be done in a day.

I see someone hit the Noble SnG Maui Jackpot. Congrats to that person. Now Noble has stepped it up. I really need to focus on that one.

Why you still here? Go read about the WSOP already.

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Easycure said...

I wan out of Noble money, myself. I had about $30 left over from the WSOP WPBT satellite, and finally got donked enough to run out of, I'd like to keep trying, those games are soft.