Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I suck(out)

Was playing Razz tonight with the lovely MrsCantHang. The deck hit me silly about the time she sat down. I quickly moved up to doubling my buy in before people started to leave the table. Early on I had played one hand like a total donk and again it got me action. I then watched some guy get all pissy because he got drawn out on twice. Hell, that is Razz for ya!

But the hand of the night for me had to be this one. I had made my 8 on 5th. My opponent was showing 9 8 . I had him pegged for having made just a 9. Thinking I was ahead, I even typed in "I feel a suckout coming". On 6th he raised my bet. Seeing he had little left, I raised him to put him all in. Then his cards were shown. I was behind. 8 5 to 8 7. Ugh! But a nice 4 slid my way and so did the pot.

Yep, there was a suckout. But instead of being the suckee, I was the sucker. I hang my head in shame. But I did walk away with double my buy in. That after just about doubling up in 1/2 while playing Hold Em.

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