Friday, July 01, 2005

A pro will win

Have you noticed the number of events the pros are winning at the WSOP? Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson win their 10th bracelets is great. Plus the pros and hitting final tables and winning tons of cash. Of course you know this because you read Dr. Pauly's updates and are reading the Poker Profs recaps as well. I am now waiting for Phil Hellmuth to win his 10th this year.

I am going out on a limb here...a pro will win the big one. The internet players (the majority of them will burn and crash. A known name will win the 10k buyin. I won't venture a guess but I think someone like Phil Ivey or John Juanda will win it. The amateurs do not have a chance this year.

It is simple. The pros are much better. They learned a lesson last year and changed their games up. TJ Cloutier played a lot of online poker to adjust his style. He won another bracelet this year as a result. I wouldn't be shocked if others did the same kind of "training".

Seeing that it is the end of the 2nd quarter, I need to review how things went and give a status report. I know that the quarter was excellent. Won a nice sum of cash but also met some fantastic people in Vegas. That is worth more than the cash. Look for that summary shortly.

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