Friday, July 22, 2005

I guess there was a reason I was playing Razz

I didn't play any Razz yesterday. Instead, I focused on the Full Tilt 1/2 limit hold em game. I was running well in it. After work, I got home, worked out a bit and loaded it up. Went on a nice run, playing for about an hour and ending up 25 BB.

I played my big hands aggressively and they paid off. I was a bit shocked at how many people were paying off with 3rd pair. Of course it didn't hurt that I defended my big blind and hit some big hands. It was even better when one guy started going off on me.

For example, I have 4 5 off in the big blind. UTG limps. Mid position raises to 2. Cut off and button call. I have odds to see a flop. Plus, I believe Brunson mentions something about playing low connectors every once in a while because if you hit it, it will pay off big. So I call. Flop comes 2 3 K. Original raiser bets and everyone calls. Being open ended, I am willing to see another card for just a buck. 8 outs, probably 6 clean as I have to assume someone has an A out there, if not two. Turn is my jackpot card, a 6. No flush possibility. I have the nuts unless the board pairs up. I check raise it and we lose two players. River is an A. Sweet card. I bet out and just get called. I show my straight and take down a nice pot. Original raiser had A K. He starts typing in the chat ROFL. I ask what was so funny. Of course he asks how I could call with that. My response is how could I not call with that?

Same player would give me more action, but would fold if I was betting on the turn or river. Later, with 4 6 off in the BB again, I would hit another straight and take down a big pot again. The cards were hitting me well.

Then I went off to the bar to have a couple of beers. I believe the FTP hangover was officially done. Yes, the FTP hangover. You do very well for a couple of sessions and then give it all back in one horrendously bad run. In that run, people will suckout on every good hand you have, will hit runner runner to beat you, will crack your aces with deuces, will do anything imaginable to totally frustrate you and your bankroll.

I came back, fired Full Tilt up again and got smacked around like a red headed step child. I get my K K cracked by Q Q when it goes runner runner hearts, putting 4 on the board. My flopped set runs into a runner runner straight. My J J gets beat by K Q on a river Q. Now that one truly pissed me off. I hate getting beat by the clown who stays in with the over pair, no pot odds, and nothing but a hope and a prayer. My A Q would get nothing on a flop of J K 9. I would give the continuation bet, see a rag on the turn, bet it, get called, and give up on the river just to get beat by 7 7. Yeah, all those over cards mean nothing to his 7 7 and I should have fired that last bullet on the river but I gave up. I was frustrated.

I should have been playing Razz with the cards I was getting.

But I made a bit up on a SnG, coming back from a tiny stack to make the money. I took a bad beat when I filled my straight with J 9. Only hand that could beat me was K J. Yep, he had it. But I played my small stack well and took 3rd for some cash. Hopefully that will be my turnaround point.

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