Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It has been awhile

I just busted out of a Party freeroll. Amazing how stupid play in these. If you have patience and play the freeroll like a real tournament, you can win some decent money. In this case, 1st place was $525.

I went out at 105. After I did, I was angry. I was the victim of a bad beat. Not the baddest of beats mind you but I still wasn't happy. With a below average stack, I raised the bet to 1800 (blinds 300/600) with K 10 off. The table has been on the tight side and I have stolen a number of blinds from all over the table with K 10 already, never showing. It had been the second best hand I had seen over 3 hours. A Q being the best.

Anyway, I wasn't too happy to have 2 callers. I know right away that if I don't hit the flop I will be folding and playing the push game. If I do hit the flop, I need to make the continuation bet. So the flop comes 8 7 K, two diamonds. I push my last 2500 in. They both call. Turn is a rag. They both check. River is the A of diamonds. I figure the flush draw hit it and get ready to go. One guy shows K 9 suited while the winner shows A 8 off. WTF? Staying in on second pair, let alone calling with crap. The mudderfugger sucked out on me.

Then I realized it has been a long time since I have had a bad beat. So what the hell am I complaining about anyways?

I don't have a friggin clue! I played pretty well again tonight and I am happy with that. I just need to do some damage on Sunday.

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Easycure said...

Main Event for you next year.....got it? I got the first $100 invested in you......up to you to find the other 99.