Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Playing poker for a good cause

WPBT "Charlie" Tournament

When? 6PM EST Sunday July 17th

Where? PokerStars

How Much? $20 - every penny goes to charity

What Do I Get When I Win? The comfort of knowing you're doing something good for someone else. No, Really... No. Really.

All proceeds to go to wherever Charlie Tuttle's family wants them.

The tournament is open to bloggers and readers.

Go sign up now. If you don't have an account at Poker Stars, go check out the blogs on the right. If they have a Poker Stars banner, click through on it. Give one of the bloggers some credit. Dr. Pauly has a banner and has been working his ass off to give good reports from Vegas on the WSOP. Just scroll waaaaayyyy down on the left. You'll find it eventually.

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BG said...

Thanks for the pimpage StB!