Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gettin better

Ever feel you are on the edge of a breakthrough? That is how I feel. Though I am a low limit player, I can feel my ring game is getting better. I am seeing things at the table that I hadn't noticed as much before. There are pots that I am taking down that are bigger than what I used to win because I have extracted extra bets out.

It is a damn good feeling. On the down side, I still see some holes that are quite closed up. Last night I paid off a couple hands on the river even though I knew I was outkicked. That caused me to also lose some pots when I folded with a medium kicker just to see it would have taken down the pot. Such is poker.

I am also feeling better about my aggression. There are spots I know I can push people out just with continuation bets though the flop has totally missed me. But at times that same aggression gets me trapped. In the end though, I am coming out on top. It may not be a lto but it is a positive.

And it feels good.

Felicia, thanks for the laugh. I may be getting a little smarter on this game, but I still donate to the better players. Unless you can point me to a good resource on playing stud games...

Which is what Easycure has apparently done. Making some coin on stud. Nice! It seems like a lot of people are taking little vacations from hold em to play other games. Whether it be Razz, Stud or Omaha, it can be good to take a break.

Enjoy your vacation Iggy. Somehow I get a feeling I may actually get some work done. My boss is going to wonder what the hell is going on with all the stuff I am getting done. Also, congrats on your sponsor. To say you deserve it is a understatement. In Iggy's absence, maybe everyone can take a turn at their own uber-post?

I am thinking about making a serious run at winning a WPT seat. I see Full Tilt is running tables for Borgata. I may have to take a couple hundred and set it aside towards winning a seat. Any other suggestions on sites to try and win a seat are appreciated. I was thinking of trying on Bodog but they don't have anything going there right now. Plus, I am sure the swag FTP gives would be much better. The FTP hat I got at the WPBT Aladdin hat is nice. Thanks to Hank on that one.

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Easycure said...

7 bucks is BIG coin! It's not HUGE JUNK, and I don't have the biggest c0ck, but I have something.

Big coin.