Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I got 3 new books the other day (the ones previously mentioned). I finished the Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King. Funny thing, I have no clue who they are referring to as the Suicide King. I did like the book, but it left me asking questions. Like why did Andy Beal insist on raising the stakes to such high levels with the intent of getting the pros out of their comfort zone? He wasn't in it to make money but to defeat them at their game. Wouldn't defeating them at their game be at their customary level of 4000/8000? Or playing in mixed games? Also, why show up during major tournaments? Again, trying to get slight advantages, but then not giving in to some of their demands?

Money doesn't matter to Beal in this case. All it took was one winning week and he could have seriously hurt the pros, possibly hurting live games in Vegas for a time. A couple good rushes or suckouts and he is a winner. The one hand where he made his miracle boat on the river to beat Todd Brunson in one hand is a great example.

It was still a good story, one that may not be truly over. Plus they give you some background on the pros involved in the game. Things the WPT won't mention.

Next up is Harrington on Hold Em, Vol 2. I started reading this on Sunday and got through just one chapter. Vol 1 was great, a must read if you want to do well in tournament poker. Right off the bat I am having the same problem with 2 as I did with 1. As I read, I want to go play right away. I read, learn and then want to put something into action right away. Having no restraint whatsoever, I usually put the book down and hit the tables.

Lately I have been playing low limit Razz on Full Tilt. I can tell I am getting better slowly already. That or people truly suck at the game. At the very least I am having a blast playing. I love to play one hand really stupid and show it down. Do that once or twice and everyone thinks you are the biggest fish at the table. You will get lots of action when you hit your hands. People will chase you down with a 9 or 10. Then you make a stupid comment to totally piss them off. Fun stuff.

Beyond playing Razz I have been playing ring games, usually 1/2 or 2/4. After I finish Harrington, I will get back on the tournament trail. I will be keeping an eye out for one of the WPT event qualifiers, either Borgata or Foxwoods. Time to shoot for one of my goals.

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BG said...

I had the best time playing Razz at FTP last night. Had a guy to my right who was playing junk, and I robbed him of all his money ($10 was his buy-in at $.25/$.50, I got at least $8.50 of that personally over SIX hands). Along the way I kept taunting him with chat like "I'm not going to believe you have Ace Deuce down until you show it to me" (after he had a 3 to start, and a rolled up KJ in a pot I won with Jack high), and "I'm not giving rebates here" when I caught a 6432A to his 98532 or something. Dude was PISSED, and one other guy at the table was all "LOL" when I'd win with J-high or K-high against that clown. He was going to have to show me a better hand before I gave him credit for anything other than KK rolled up.