Friday, July 29, 2005


I like to play by some simple rules. One rule is quite simple. Never play ring games after a night of drinking. Except if you are in Vegas of course.

But I broke that rule last night, pissing away half of my FTP bankroll. If it was a series of bad beats, I would be upset. But last night, I donked away a portion of it as well.

That is the part that hurts.

Yeah, it doesn't help when you are two tabling 2/4, see Q Q on one, K K on the other, and see a big A hit the flop. Guaranteed that the guy in EP who called has an A as well. I laid one down to a river bet, the other I called down to see his A 10 suited.

I did flop quad queens. That is like a Hilton gang bang. I did collect a nice pot on that one.

But in the end, half of my cash was gone. Remember kids, stick to SnGs after a night of drinking. You will be happier the next day.

On the good side, I should be booking a Vegas trip for the Labor Day week. Probably staying at Luxor or the Castle. Either way, between Mandalay and Excalibur, I feel I can hit some kind of jackpot or wheel spin.

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Easycure said...

Donking your money away is not fun....we've all done it, and thinking back on it, all f my biggest session losses (top two) were for that reason.

Eliminate that "leak".