Monday, August 01, 2005

No raise em

Playing poker with people who only seem to have a passing interest in the game is always interesting, if not frustrating. Bluffing is over done by most, while they show no respect (or intelligence) to any raises. Much like playing on Party Poker. All you can do is bet your solid hands and hope that someone doesn't draw out of you, or is playing way too tight.

That is the only way to explain the poker games around the campfire this past weekend. It was a series of 6-8 player SnGs. I only played in 3 of them as I was pretty hooched one night and I wasn't too interested in playing poker this weekend. I was trying to get away from it for a bit. But I got sucked back in.

And it wasn't too pretty. When the best hand you see all night is pocket deuces, you know it will be a long one. Thus K Q looks good to try and get some chips only to be called by A x. Same thing was occurring during the second night. Card dead until halfway through the game, I just puttered along. I played my strong hands strong. I got just enough luck to stay in. Like when I pushed with the Hilton Sisters against K x suited. The K hit the flop but a lucky lady showed on the river to keep me alive. That was the turning point. I would throw A J against K K and get the A on the flop. Some aggressive play in the right spots would get me a victory.

But the toughest spots were watching people get damn lucky. Hitting two and three outers with regularity. Out of the group, there was one person who I considered to be a good player. One person who puts some time in and wants to play well. Of course, after a day of drinking I had to be a total ass to him (Randy, if you read this, I apologize) about playing. But the rest of the group basically are those who play just when people get together. They want to have some fun. For 5 bucks, the price is right. Nothing wrong with that. But it does get frustrating when you watch people just call with A A or K K. No, I don't feel bad for them when they lose to Q 3 offsuit. That is your own fault. Likewise, I don't feel bad when you call a big bet pre-flop just to fold right away.

Over the course of a 2 hour game (yeah they run long too), there will be maybe, yes maybe, 5 preflop raises. If Randy or I are out, there will be none. Like when I busted K K with A J, the kings didn't raise. Or when the aces were cracked, he didn't raise. Apparently he didn't look either. Big hands were knocked about by the two soooooted cards. Ugly.

All it does is lose my interest in the game. The luck factor increase five fold. The poker skill factor approaches neglible. I find myself getting very aggressive early out of boredom. If I bust out, I can sit back by the campfire and drink. If I get close to the money, I can be patient and earn a little. But most of the time, it is just a place to swat bugs and toss cards around.

But I did come out ahead by 5 bucks! Whoo hoo!

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Dr. Pauly said...

How many Beers can you buy with $5?