Monday, August 29, 2005

Mixed reviews

I had a strange weekend of poker. While I couldn't catch cards to save my life on PokerBlue and tilted away cash like there was no tomorrow, I was making more to cover the losses over at PokerShare.

What is that? PokerShare?

A site I discovered while perusing the news. For each player point you earn, you earn "shares" of the company. Or shares that are in a trust representing 40% of the company. If they go public- as they intend to do- you could end up with stock of a real listed company. In the meantime, they promise to pay out dividends over the year. I will probably add a banner or two for them.

Interesting enough, they are basically an Ultimate Bet skin. They offer the Aruba trip tournies just like UB and the points you earn are Ultimate Points. Finding tables is not a problem either. I have been playing 2/4 and moved up to 3/6 where I am doing pretty good. My initial deposit of $250 is just under $900 at this time. They are also offering the 100% bonus up to $250. Collecting points seems to be quite easy as well. In the past it always sounded like clearing UB bonuses were difficult. This one doesn't seem so. At the very least, it is easier to clear than Full Tilt.

I may move away from Poker Blue where I took a hit. I think because the players are pretty loose that I lost some discipline and started playing too many draws and second pair, paying off way too many hands. It also hurts to have your Aces cracked by the guy who sucks out with the river river flush. I may continue to play just to get entry in the Sunday freerolls but considering I won't be around for the next two, I may just go away.

Playing all the limit has me feeling pretty confident about Vegas. Only a week away now. I can see it now, spinning the wheel at the Excalibur or taking down some bonus money with my quad 5s at the Monte Carlo or Mandalay Bay.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Have fun in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!